#27 Mason Redman


Explains the lack of patience. If commitment isn’t there for whatever reason the patience will run dry.


Okay, fair enough.

Personally I don’t see it that way.


Plenty of people had been happy to Redman in the delisted pile up until s few weeks ago. In fact plenty have had a good cry about Dodoro blowing our second rounders on guys like him


I more annoyed that match committee didnt seem to be rewarding good form with selection than Dodoro “blowing” our second round pick on him.


Rotten luck for Redman.

He was really impressive in his games this year.
Three years at the club and he is learning his craft well. A lot to be said for a few years in the VFL after the draft to develop a players’ game.
It also helps with the VFL team performing at a high level, wining games with a mixture of young players and experienced players.


I remember being pleasantly surprised by Redman on draft night. Dodoro’s comments about his work ethic and commitment won me over.

Can’t say I had the same reaction to Morgan who had a few red flags, injuries and commitment to AFL chief among them.

At the time I, like many, wanted Mathieson but understood the club may not have wanted him around Parish. Bonner was the other one I had my heart set on, being both an Essendon boy and a prodigious kick.


He doesn’t have a huge profile within the broader footy world, but I have noticed he gets some very strong praise from certain footy individuals, such as a couple of other recruiters quietly thinking he may be one of the best in the draft, or someone like Garry Lyon talking him up for no obvious reason.


Does anyone know how he is going with the recovery from his injury? Also, what is his contract status?


Has a contract for 2019.




I desperately hope we pump games into this guy next year


certainty, if his body stays sound. Out of back seven from Friday night will be Goddard and Dea, in come Redman and Gleeson.


On the wing


I agree with all of the above. I’d like to see him on a wing and if not there, into the backline. His aggression at the ball and kicking skills will be very welcome next year.

He is one player I think could bring a huge amount of improvement to the team. I know Ridley showed some promise in the Geelong game, but I would have Redman in front. I just see hunger in Mason, and I think he’ll be a revelation for us in 2019.


Low flat kicks like redman we need more of that in the team. It’s especially important now days playing against teams that zone, thats why our players that kick slow loopy kicks get exposed against those sides.


A few recruiters felt at the time that down the track, he could be one of the top kids from that draft.


I’m super pumped to see him in the 22 for 2019. He is the kind of player that will propel us into the 4. At 187cm, probably around 90kgs next year, has some pace, good overhead and a real weapon of a boot.

Could be another big bodied midfielder in a year or two as well.


Hopefully that back 7 means that one is always on the bench. You play with 6 on the backline. No wonder there’s no ■■■■ to kick to when Conor and Saady stream out of defence.


But we do so well when our forward line is outnumbered…


Stuff next year, is he available for finals?!?