#27 Mason Redman


Another seriously Injury prone kid. Theres a few at the club who are not very durable


Most clubs have kids that are injury prone. That’s just the way the cookie crumbles, unfortunately.


Gees who is negative nancy, hardly something that would relate to being injury prone. Modern game as well considered everyone is pushed to being prime, this is just an unfortunate injury that could happen to anyone.

Durable lol could dig out a few comments of your own that are not durable :wink:


Bad luck for the young man. He was looking set to break into the 22, and l was looking forward to seeing him take big strides in that direction. This injury will have set him back in his preparation, but he will work hard to overcome. Good luck MR on your recovery, l want to see you back kicking goals with both feet.


FFS. Was really hoping he’d get a good run at it heading into 2019.


Well $&#%!!!


Enter Zerk-Thatcher.




The abundance of KP back men ? Really this is not an issue atm unfortunate yes for Redman. he will be ok :wink:


It was heartbreaking, hearing him in pain on the ground.


Anyone have any idea of a prognosis for a non displaced fracture on the ankle? Surgery?


Non displacement could mean no surgery is needed and less trauma to area surrounding the break, but still will take the same time to mend.


There are LOTS of variables that have not been disclosed as yet, that make it impossible to predict.

Best case scenario, a stable # low on the fibula. Has surgery and he’s weight bearing immediately after, running within a month, available to play in the praccy games.

Worse scenarios could involve the tibia, talus or navicular, particularly with some chondral involvement and we might not see him til after the season starts. Out as far as absolute worst case which is basically Gleeson mark II. We see him mid year at best.

AFL players will usually have surgery despite the fact it is non-displaced as it allows for sooner weight bearing/training.

Short answer. 6 weeks to 8 months.


I’m not sure what KP backmen have to do with Redman


Hopefully back to back ankles doesn’t rob him of the ‘pep in his step’


Francis, Ridley, Zerk Thatcher, Hartley, Brown and the return of Gleeson on top of Hurley and Hooker would all be in the same role as Redman




i question someone’s football nouse if they group redman with key position defenders.


I’m not too fussed about Redman’s injury, that’s what we got Zac Clarke for…

Nah seriously, this is farkin sh*thouse!


Ok where does Redman fit in when fit then sorry!