#27 Mason Redman


HBF I reckon.


You weren’t miles off.

Probably fits in the Gleeson / Dea / Ridley bunch, maybe with Ambrose and Franga thrown in, but probably not.


Yeah forgot about Ambrose, Saad, McKenna


And leaving thread until ankle healed!


A real shame, the kid is primed and would have been best 22 imo. Is there anything worse than preseason training injuries.


‘General defender’, with more of a chance to rotate through the mid/wing rather than a KP.


rip in peace mini bj


I’m frustrated with the lack of BJ’s!


Probably true for half the population.


I’m hoping it’s not as bad as feared - crack in the bone but guess it depends on ligament damage. It doesn’t sound like there’s been a dislocation but who knows,




This is not the married with children thread!!!



I really rate this kid, but he just can’t get a shot at it.

Well, good thing they kept Dea.


Just one of those unfortunate things, I am sure the club is in a good frame of mind to keep his spirits high, his mental stamina will be better for it as nothing is a given.

I was excited to see him play next year as well, still could happen!


Is there any news on the injury?


It’s an undisplaced fracture, so if he’s lucky it could be as quick as 6 weeks.
Then again it could be 6 months.
Let’s hope for the former.


i’d hate to see what a displayed fracture would do.


See you in 2020 Redboy.


Fixed now.


Rason Medman 72#