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Is there any reason for this post today? Is there any news that’s come out on his injury?


raison d’être, man


Just read this thread and heard the news.


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Yeah cool thread.


It is now


Any chance of r1?
Did he even get a month of preseason?


In my opinion, it’s doubtful. If he were ‘best 22’ before injury, there might have been a slight chance. But being a few back from there, I doubt he will be pushing for Rnd1, and maybe sometime after Anzac Day more likely.


I reckon on Johns whiteboard he was on the back flank until injured. Doesn’t have the runs on the board to walk straight in. Give him the right time to get right and once given a spot I don’t think he’ll lose it.


Perhaps. I rate him also. But have a think about who else could fit in that position.


6th spot in defence is an unknown and definitely up for grabs. Recent history shows especially with us that teams play 7 defenders. You can argue we haven’t had the midfield depth and over the break we’ve pretty much lost Goddard and added Shiel. It might have always been the plan to add an extra mid at the expense of the extra back. But do we have enough mids that can role back into defence? Heppell and McGrath are first that come to mind. After that you’re probably looking at Merrett as the 3rd best candidate. Myers would be ideal but he’s failed off half back.
Option 1 is play 6 defenders and I expect Ambrose and Ridley are currently top of the queue with Redman, Gleeson, Dea, Long and McNeice as other options. Guelfi could trump them all as utility that could exclusively play defence.
Option 2 is play 7 defenders and have a fresh mid waiting on the outer. (Could be intelligent option as we have a decent amount of 6 day breaks)
Option 3, play 5 forwards, 7 defenders and 10 mids (including TBC)

It’s to hard Deckham, we have too much talent and so many options.
But I will say this, Redman has the ability to run our defence. That to me makes him more required and valuable than Ambrose and Ridley.
Gleeson also can do this, once fit the two are my 6 and 7.



I was watching Gleeson today, and realised that he has good take-off speed, is excellent in the air, reads the ball and the play well, is one of the better set-shot kicks. He’s never been tried forward, has he? I had always seen him as a winger when he was younger. Much like Ridley is by some.

We are spoilt at the moment. Be nice to capitalise on it over the next few years.


Would you expect that Redman will be fit enough to play VFL practice games around the time of round 1 and possibly earlier?


Yes, I reckon it will be close. Maybe doing a half to begin with - much like Laverde was eased into it - and Francis.


I doubt either of them would be played forward, although I think Ridley did play some of his junior footy up front from memory, @THE_DON1 might be able to clarify.

Personally I can’t wait to get the Marty Party back in the backline, he is super important to marshalling the defenders especially with Hurley and Hooker entering their twilight