#27 Mason Redman


Gleeson jumping freely, that’s exciting.


Well not quite freely.
We are still paying him.




Ridley played his bottom age year as a forward and I believe kicked atleast 2 bags of 5.


Hopefully this guy gets up and going in the first 5-7 rounds. He could add something special to our backline come the end of year.


So forward or back?


I didn’t actually get to watch him myself when he played forward but did get to see him patrol the backline like a champ in his top age year so that’s the spot I’d play him personally.


Hooker Hurley Francis Saad McKenna Ridley
Gleeson for mine


We’re soooooooo getting fined.

Or free-kicked.

Or both.


When he played a couple of senior games in 2016, he played forward. I remember him getting at least one goal in that standing ovation loss to North Melbourne.


Didn’t he request a move back to defence because he had no experience as a forward and had no idea what he was doing?




Put Redman in Ridley’s spot and move Ridley to a wing for mine.


…on the presumption Redman will be a late starter with this setback.


Zaka and Pidge on the wings for me.


Is this what you would want r1 if we had no injuries? What notable missed out? Or is that a future prediction?


I have no idea what the ideal wingmen is in the modern game but I assume it would be speed, elite disposal, endurance and marking ability the icing on the cake. I think one wing would need some marking ability. Neither have the marking ability and McGrath is currently limited with disposal.
If I’m going to be picky, this year we’re short a marking wingman and a spare small forward.
It would be interesting to see a midfield that could beat/break even with us and play a tall wingman what we would do.


I really haven’t tried putting a round 1 side together, but I like the idea of having Ridley’s height, vision, running power and disposal on one wing. He also offers some aerial ability that the other wingers lack. Just gives us another option, play wise, rather than having two 180 cm wings.


Admittedly i have 33 players in my best 22.


He could well transition into a winger but it’s not happening short term. His best chance of senior footy this year is in the backline