#27 Mason Redman


Looks like Redman might be a starter in the next VFL practice match this Saturday at Craigieburn


Do we think that Redman, Ridley and Gleeson are all vying for the one spot?

Obviously 2 are unavailable for round 1 so Ridley would get the nod but I would have those 2 ahead of Gleeson if this was the case. I don’t think Gleeson can defend too well himself which becomes more important with the 6-6-6. He can intercept well as a loose man or sit off his opponent but Francis can play this role far more effectively.

Redman looks like he can defend and rebound, same with Ridley


It may be a case of ‘last seen, best remembered’.


I think there is two defensive positions for the types of players they are and play 7 defenders. If by chance midfield gets thin I can see all 3 playing with one on the wing. Can also see a glimmer that all 3 can play in defence and McKenna moving to the middle.


Gleeson certainly can intercept and rebound but has tended to overestimate his own ability to break tackles and take on opponents. But that was Gleeson 2017. I am betting he is now a lot stronger in the upper body. Neither Redman nor Marty are ready yet so its academic. With Dea out, our medium defender depth is suboptimal.


Can’t wait til this guy is ready.

Aggression, hard tackling and intensity.


He looked really good yesterday.

Misplaced a couple of kicks but thats going to happen when you haven’t played for a while.

Plays like he cares so hopefully comes back in over the next few weeks.


Been on our list for 3 years and don’t even know what he looks like


Maybe you should start watching games.


Looks like Goddard all the way down to his finger pointing.


Comes in for Guelfi, better defender, better rebounder.


How many games has he played in 3 years?


He’s been injured a lot mate.

Had to get any consistency when you can’t get any continuity.

Doesn’t help that we have a coach that thinks young players need to play VFL for their first 5 years on the list.

He has plenty of talent.


Yea that’s the point i was trying to make, should be in the team and getting more games


You have wanted everyone else delisted so I apologise for not picking up on your point.


Fit or not bring him in. Got balls

Bring back Ridley for Baguley and Clarke for Myers

And that’s just a start


Ridley (a half back) to replace Bags (a forward pocket)?


Spare me please. Baguley is not a forward


Neither is Ridley.

I think you meant Mozzie for Baguley.


That I’d like