#27 Mason Redman


Fun Fact - his return game last year, having been out for a long time injured was against… Brisbane.
He picked up 24 disposals.


He was in the best. Wasn’t it the same game he wrecked the ankle again? Maybe in the last ~10min?


I thought he played 2, got injured in the 2nd one.

CBF looking tho.


Might’ve been the case. It was definitely late in the game… Think it was West Coast actually, so frustrating given the given the game was already done.


yep - West Coast

He’s had a bad run with injuries. Hopefully he gets a good stretch to be injury free.


Lower profile on here than say Lav or Begley, but arguably a more promising prospect than both.


We just haven’t had a good opportunity to see enough of him. Total of 5 AFL games since 2016. Yet despite that he is spoken of highly on here. So the kid has impressed.


Redman is a good in.

Better suited to that position down back than Guelfi.

Can defend well and rebound. Also got that aggressive nature about him.


Stoked to have him back. Such a shame he was cut down just as he seemed to be arriving on the senior scene last year.


Playing games is the worst thing a kid can do to their reputation on here.
They’re all superstars in the 2s.


He has earned this. he has been impressive down back in the VFL practice games and Round 1.


Truth. No exposed form is better than average form in the seniors.


Others may have a better recollection than me, but wasn’t he drafted as a HBF/wing? Novel idea that we are trying to play him in that position…


Redman is different because he hasn’t been as highly rated on here. Battled away in the 2s for ages, and then came in when he was cherry ripe, and was actually very good. For any player, not for a “kid who shows a bit”. Normally it’s the “shows glimpses” and then is dropped and has a couple of good games in the 2s that gets you rated on here. But Redman was actually a major player in the 1 3/4 games he played last year.


by ages you mean ~18mths? Debuted in 2016, was drafted in Nov 2014 no? a season and half of development in the 2’s seems reasonable.


He’s got about eight years to work towards nabbing the Most Improved Award.


Nah, he was actually drafted as a half forward.


Really looking forward to seeing this guy back out there. Tough as nails and skillful, and seems to go to another level in the AFL when chosen which is a great sign.




Drafted in 2015.