#27 Mason Redman


Think we are fine for Key backs. -Hurley, Francis, Zerk-Thatcher, Fletchers, Ridley could play tall?
But we need a talented key forward to support daniher.


Why not both?


I reckon he is the perfect replacement for Hooker. Can take the tall/gorilla forwards


Well, you’re counting Mason & Rids as key backs. And Hurley in 5 years. That’s 3 players we aren’t agreeing on.


@Deckham and you changed your avatar - you know how annoying that is?


hahahaha…yes, I do! Just trying it for a while!


If you want someone to stick their neck out to take them on - he’s your man.


We should be looking for another 200cm athletic KPD for the new breed of forward. Mason Fletcher has potential but is far from a certainty. They are cheap though and can be found from pretty much anywhere in the draft.

KPFs are a lot harder to come by and finding them is more about luck than anything else, hopefully we won’t need much more than a roleplayer for the foreseeable future with Daniher still only 25. Stewart and Gown could both play second fiddle to Joe Dan.


Should have picked up Collins from the VFL.


Gold Coast got him through the tanking pre-selections didn’t they?

There’s always a few in the state league hanging about or you can just find a mediocre KPF and turn them into a defender, see Liam Jones.


Dare I say it - Stewart?


The new Mitch Brown?


Rendell had him top 10.


I like Guelfi, but Redman offers so much more down back…


Can’t wait to see Redman, Francis, Zerk and Ridley all in the same backline one day. A lot of class and poise in that group of youngsters.




excellent game by Redman, very composed too.

Two goodies with Ridley and redman


He’s a gun and should be a set and forget when fit from here. Is a part of our best back 6.


He’s no ‘promising kid,’ he’s a legit best 22 player.

Has a bit of the old school Essendon defender about him, too.


Looks good.
Like his vim.