#27 Mason Redman


Nicely done Mason

Hard at it. Takes the game on. Good user.

Mini BJ amazing first game back


Tough bugger with skills to match

He’s played 6 games, imagine him after another 50 or 100


Played exactly I expected. Absolute quality


I did say he was a Brisbane specialist. Goes like an old style half back flanker, and we have had some good ones over the years.


I really really like his game. Looks like another version of McKenna out there.


He’s just a solid player you can have confidence in.

A bit like a David Grenvold.


A keeper, plays the rest of the season.


I really hope he can string some games together and leave his injury woes behind.



excellent return- lots to like and looks very composed.


No way! He’s far better than that.
Reads the play beautifully.
Tough as nails with a good dose of mongrel.
Always takes the brave kick.

Love him.


Grenvold was an excellent premiership player. Redman inspires similar trust.

By saying “just” I wasn’t limiting my expectations of his future potential, instead I mean that is what he already seems to be - confident, unflustered, assured, tough.

Worthy of your love. Worthy of surreptitious night time sighs.


Well done Redman. Great contribution.
The backline was very good today and he was one of the reasons why.


200+ gamer, injuries permitting.


Really like him he has that unique mix of tough disciplined defender with some dash and very good skills.


Must be in the team unless injured


Showed he could play when he got the chance last year before injured

He knew it, Woosha knew it, I knew it…

We all knew it!!!


He’s a jet…him and Ridley are locks for rest of year!

Hard call between them who has more upside.


I think Ridley is more versatile.


Goodard 2.0?