#27 Mason Redman


Played well… so will probably get dropped this week.


Rock of the back line . In what ? Really 6 games , hasn’t he had a couple more ?


He would’ve played far more last year if not for his injury in the Eagles game. This year looks to be his emergence year.


Redman is a strong back, Ridley can play back and wing imo. No need to move Redman he is just a very solid backman and will take over Hurls role.


PLEASE, leave him in the team.


This kid has had as bad a run with injury as any of young players but when he comes in he performs. He’s more than just a solid player.

Like a few of his mates he needs to work on his kicking though.


His kicking was good


Loved that Redman and Smith were getting into the Brisbane players at half-time.


Yeah he didnt kick it well today but from all accounts he is a very good kick of the footy


He’s a jet.


Reminds me of Sean Wellman, a bit of run and carry, reliable mark just seems to always make the right decisions with out begin overly flashy.


He lays a great tackle too


■■■■ haircut. not captain material.


Great disposal, solid defender, reads the play, intercept marking, not slow and hard as nails.

This kid is going to be a class player for Essendon for 10+ years.


Love seeing number 27 running around.


Matty Dea does NOT like this.


Ever seen a sixth gamer who hasn’t played in almost 12 months just slot in to a side and not look at all flustered by AFL football? I liked his early game against North in 2016, and I like him a lot more now.


The epitome of composure.
(ooops… that was meant for the Ridley thread, but Reds goes ok too)


Brisbane fans must think he’s their “spud that tears it up against us” - he looked every bit a 150 gamer when he played them last year too


Like a Billy Duckworth?

Yeah I see a bit of that in him too.