#27 Mason Redman


Redman looks the goods. Pure footballer.
Saad Hurley Francis
Gleeson hooker McKenna
Wing/7th defender - Redman
Bench - Ridley

That’s a defence I can trust! 8 solid players. With Dea and Ambrose as back up I have a lot of confidence with our backline.


Last i saw him play he looked like a boy
now he looks like a hard, fast, matured player


Imagine when he’s joined by the other Mason.


They should both feel very much at home.

No shortage of Masons at Essendon. :smirk:


Redman spent some time on the wing today


eerily plays exactly like Goddard was when he was in our backline but like, 10 years younger, like if Goddards limbs weren’t in their mid 30’s and he could still execute all the great footy decisions he could make

tough as nails
focus of a senior player
plays angry

love him


Loved his tackle on that mongoiloid Robinson in the 4th


That’s an insult to mongoloids.


Imagine how good he will be when he gets a better haircut?


Very clever.


We need to keep mason alive so he can keep resurrecting essendon if need be…


He was going at 100% disp efficiency until midway through the 3rd qtr… just sayin…


Just watched the replay and he is seriously good. As someone mentioned earlier, he is prime Goddard-like.


Yeah disposal efficiency is a good indicator. Heppell goes at high efficiency as well.


No he doesn’t. He goes at an average level, ~70% across his career.

Redman’s kicking efficiency yesterday was 81%, rated elite by AFL Stats Pro. His kicking was fine.


Heppell was 77% on the weekend so very little difference.

Redman is a very good kick I just think sometimes when he’s kicking down the line when bringing it out he sometimes puts too much on it.


For a kid who has now played only 6 games over 3 and a bit years not sure stats are that relevant.
He looked excellent on Saturday and slotted comfortably and confidently into seniors footy. The hope is he gets the opportunity to string a lot of games together.


Yep, let’s hope he stays healthy


Redman is a jet, his disposal is very good.

Hepp is fine, except when it’s not and he drills it down the oppositions throat. Usually has 1-2 a game.

Redman, Ridley and McKenna off of the HBF is some serious kicking skills that can break games open.


Just when we thought we were man bun-free with hooker getting a clip… in comes Redman