#27 Mason Redman


He was really ■■■■■■■ good.


Reminds me of sicily which might not go down too well around here.


Looks wise?

Yeah Sicily is equal biggest flog in the AFL with Jack Riedwoldt but if Redman reaches his heights as a player then i’d be stoked.

Bit different in that Sicily has a bit more height and can be that intercept player. Redman looks more like a lock down defender that can rebound, not so good in the air


What’s our ranga quota? How many of Redman, Franga, Ham and Stewart can be played at the same time… or does it depend on whether it’s a day or night game/how sunny it is?

Fitness staff should look to rotate to avoid sun exposure-related injury.


Three. It’s the Fletcher-Bewick-Moorcroft rule and breaking it will curse the club to 1000 Shane Harveys.


Paul Barnard


Yes, the rule was broken, and we ended up with guys like:

  • Austin Lucy
  • Paul Thomas
  • Tristian Cartledge
  • Kepler Bradley

and the list goes on.


Huge call, but Redman to De Goey. Same height & Redman has the pace to stay with him. Fitness could be an issue, so may need to switch with another player, but what a test for the young bloke. Big assignment - Sheedy style.


Really like it.

Won’t happen. Shouldn’t happen.

But like it.


Is Ham a ranga?


Yes he looks like goddard.
But geez, i wouldnt say he plays like goddard.

He is a hardnut.
In the Hardwick mould.
tough as nails, makes them earnt it, tackles hard.
looks to have a real competitive edge about him.
has a reliable kick, and is composed under pressure.

Goddard, I saw as a little softer, fantastic kick, great marker. big motor, very competitive (@saints) and a leader.
Goddard probably aligns closer to Francis with the good marking and pin point kicking and good vision.
But Franics is hard as nails too, and his motor is only a 4 cylinder. But like stringer, hopefully it improves and we can see Francis Cameos in the midfield.


Pies Matchups

Hooker on Big Cox
Ambrose on DeGoey - just for his hardness
Redman on Elliott
Saad on Stephenson
Irish on Josh Thomas
Hurley on Mihocek


Don’t Google that, with kids around.


I would put Saad on Elliot and Irish on Stephenson


worth quoting


The only time i saw saad get beaten last year was when he was on stephenson, so i reckon the redman match up might work for him and have saad go to elliot. Saad is a quality spolier so i think could work best on the marking elliot. Otherwise i like those match ups.


Don’t mind this.


Stephenson got 2 goals and 1 goal 2 behinds last year against us.
Saad is probably our fastest.
And MCKenna is really offering a lot offensively the past couple of games.
Just gotta hope the umpire doesnt penalise Saad for barely anything in a marking contest.


My goodness, what a player!


Looks like he’s played 60 odd games.

He’s played 8.