#27 Mason Redman


This lad SIMPLY MUST PLAY for the remainder of the year


His kicking arouses me.


Very good today.
Love his hardness tackling and kicking


8 games and is ready to shut down De Goey. What a player! Keep sending him up.


I love this kid. He’s got a great balance of skills, hardness and composure. There aren’t too many players who have that mixture of mongrel and class so early in their career


Fantastic today.


He just feels like he’s been in the team for 10 years.


The kick he sizzles to Heppell in the first term was elite. The one to Brown in the last where he has to put it over the North defender working back to goal even better as there wasn’t much margin for error. The difference between the kicking skills of the respective defences today was stark. Redman, Ridley, Saad, McKenna all use it so well. North butchered it coming off the back half.


Liking him very, very much.

Confident, Competent and has Composure.


Glad he is showing what I knew he could do. There is a reason several of the blokes involved in the SA underage program raved about him


could be our tom Stewart


I said in the pre-season that I reckon he has a more rounded game than Gleeson and I’d prefer him in our best defensive back 6. He is a great size, great blend of lock down and rebound, exceptional skills, tough nut. Love him.

Saad Hooker Redman
McKenna Hurley Ambrose/Francis

I put my hand up sand say that I had Hooker and Hurley as our tighter key talls and therefore we could accommodate Francis as the 3rd tall that focuses more on intercepting but it seems that the match committee love Ambrose in the hard lockdown role on the opposition’s best tall forward and one or both of Hooker and Hurley end up freeing up to do the intercepting.

The above doesn’t even factor in Ridley who is doing a fine job. I guess you tend to have 7 defenders in your 22 and perhaps that spot is either Gleeson, Ridley or Francis. And Francis’s challenge is to reach the fitness levels of somewhere near the other two.


Reckon he will get a lesson but you’d rather he got a lesson in round 6 than later in the year. Good call


i’d send conor to degoey.


Cheers. It’s the ultimate compliment for a coach to tap him for such a huge assignment. It will also be very instructive to see how far he has progressed and how much further he needs to develop his game. I honestly reckon he can take him. Copped plenty of flack from that Angry Pills bloke, but meh. Paddy to the larger Mihocek.


Thoughts on Irish going head to head with Varcoe?


Was told by someone who knows his family he was going to be something special. Is proving them right.


conor put dusty in his pocket last year. why waste him on varcoe?


Nice to have options eh?


To nullify and expose Varcoe the other way? Redman can shut down De Goey. Allow Irish to run off Varcoe and add an additional offensive weapon. Redman doesn’t need to win much ball - simply stop De Goey from breaking the game open. I just love the idea of Irish going on repeated runs from around the centre of the ground towards the HF line.