#27 Mason Redman


Great game by the kid today. His foot skills were sen-■■■■■■-sational.


This kid just locked down a best 22.

I’m not sure if I’m more excited about him or Ridley!

His improvement actually worries me about Francis getting back in.


Oh, this kid trumps Ridley at present.

Ridley is exceptionally reliable, but Redman is an attacking weapon who holds his own in the backline. Redman is a level ahead for the time being.


Went the pick after the great Alex Morgan in the 2015 draft. I wonder what he’s up to these days?


Its great as an interstate supporter who has seen little of our younger players progress watch them come in and show so much. Absolutely stoked for Redman, some of his kicks into the forward 50 were a joy to watch.


isn’t he in North’s VFL team for this weekend?


Boy, this lad can kick a football.


Is a beautiful kick of the footy. Makes really good decisions too


Didn’t waste a disposal. Every time he gets it he somehow finds a fantastic option to propel us forward.




This kid is very impressive, knows how to create and read the play.

His kicking is great also, I’d like him to build his tank and throw him in midfield next year with some added bulk in his frame


Why do we want to throw everyone in the midfield? He is more valuable where he is given how we play.


Next year he might prove you wrong given the opportunity


Loved his work. We’re really starting to find a few it’s great to see


Going by what’s been quoted on here, the coaches see his attributes as being best suited to half back, over the midfield


His kicking is his strength so would prefer to see him setting up the play off half back.


I’d prefer to see him push Myers out of the midfield than hold Francis out of the backline.


He is a very good player


Skilled, quick an toughness. Good ingredients for a long career. The media spent all the attention on what Shield brings to the team an Redmen has just added another element to strengthening the bombers. Easily in the best 22.


Wouldn’t he be a good fit for Stephenson? De Goey needs a bigger, more experienced defender who can knock the bluster out of him, and he can’t be allowed to have impact in the middle.