#27 Mason Redman


De Goey:
H: 188 cm
W: 92 kg

H: 187 cm
W: 87 kg

Matches up well. If moved into the middle, switch Irish on to him.


Yea because they exactly the same type of player. Superb call that one
Let’s put possibly our best user of the football into the middle to do the grunt work, blocking, and shoveling the ball out. That way the opposition don’t have to worry about him streaming off the half back line delivering the ball with precision.


Yeah, does have good size. I don’t think anyone can stop De Goey when he’s on, he’s doing what Stringer can do right now but consistently. Won’t be disappointed if they try Redman, might be the right kind of angry to blunt the cohcky prihk


Yep. I get the impression that Redman won’t be intimidated at all by De Goey. Has the right kind of fieriness to take him.

H: 192 cm
W: 97 kg

H: 191 cm
W: 92 kg

Seems the best match up. With Hooker on Cox, the question remains what to do with Hurley?


There’s Elliot and Stephenson to worry about as well. I would’ve thought Hurley to Mihocek. Maybe Ridley Stephenson. To be honest I don’t even know Stephensons role, just that if the other nuffies aren’t kicking arsey goals he pops up with 3. Which is exactly what they’d say about Orazio😙


Hooker - Cox
Mihocek - Hurley
De Gooey - Ambrose
Elliot - Saad
Stephenson - Redman/Mckenna

I think that’s how they start, yes De Gooey is a little to quick for Ambrose but Paddy seems to find a way each week so he gets first crack for mine. We have lots of options and we really should match up on them quite well.


Ridley to Stephenson = good. Hurley could take Mihocek as well, although I would prefer to free up Hurley and have him play a looser intercepting role. Paddy can spoil Mihocek in the air and has the tank to follow him when he roams. Elliot is the tricky one. Is very dangerous. Saad the most likely to start, although I wouldn’t mind seeing Pidge take him out. Problem is that Pidge is now looking dangerous when slipping forward. Nice to have multiple options.


That kick to Hep was bullet like. Even he looked shocked at how quickly it got to him.


Can’t believe we overlooked this guy for Alex Morgan


I think Hurley will go to DeGoey. Did a number on Ziebell who is a similarly powerful mid sized player, but admittedly not as explosivene. DeGoey would torch any of our mid sized defenders in the air and Collingwood would isolate him in the square.


His kicking out of HB is a weapon but also a critical safety outlet. As a weapon he opens up the corridor and cuts through the opposition defensive structure. As a safety outlet he finds a team mate with a kick to mark that eases the immediate pressure, and allows Saad or McKenna to overlap for a line breaking run.

On the above, he should never move from the back 6. Lock him in for 150 games and find other options for other positions.


Rapt to have this bloke. He and Ambrose give us a slightly threatening hard edge in the defensive end.

Hard to believe he hasn’t played 10 games as yet.


Hurls to DeGoey. Saad to Elliot. Ambrose to Mihocek. Hooker to Cox. Ridley or Redman to Stephenson.


As if Paddy is only 92kg


So many options, hey? Selection will be massive this week and I am very intrigued to see the matchups next Thursday. Plenty for the coaches to ponder.


Yep - that’s what I thought when I took the weight from the club’s site. Would be high 90s.


Height :1.88 m
Weight: 86 kg

Something to consider. Hurley destroyed Zeibel.


I reckon Gleeson will struggle to get a game this year. There’s a few ahead of him now


There it is.


Well, Gleeks will have to make his case for the job.
We have some decent talent pushing for similar roles. We’re either going to lose some, or find another place for them.