#27 Mason Redman


Zeibel has been poor for most of this year, though (not taking away from Hurley’s excellent performance).

I guess that I am trying to make a few points with my radical suggestions.

Firstly, let’s test Redman against one of the comp’s more dangerous players. At least give him a first crack. If De Goey starts getting off the chain, switch another player on to him. Easy.

Next, I think Paddy is better suited to Mihocek - who just kicked four goals and is in form.

Ridley on Stephenson means Hurley will be able to exert more dominance in the air and assist his mate, Hooker, on Cox. I’d rather Paddy play the sacrificial game of low possessions, but completely take his man (Mihocek) out. Redman doing the same with De Goey, but exploiting De Goey if he is too lazy to chase Redman moving out of the defensive arc. Can run off De Goey more than Hurley. And Hurley provides a height advantage (and freer to patrol the backline).

Again, the matchups will be fascinating on ANZAC Day. Bring it on!


I think De Goey is too slick for Hurley. Hurley doesn’t have the pace to match him, what about Irish? He certainly does have the pace, a bit of mongrel thrown in and we need to muck up his game by interference in any legal way we can. Although I wouldn’t rule out Redman maybe he and Irish can double take De Goey, taking him in turns.


Ive been of the opinion that with a fit list, we will lose a medium defender to more opportunity. There is just an abundance of talent there.


That’s how I see it.


Of course they’re not like for like. You’d have to shuffle players. Parish, in particular, would get more inside minutes. You’d obviously play Redman to his strengths - providing run and carry and precision passing.


I don’t think trusting player weights is the way to make any calls.
I mean, no way is Fatboy Zeibell lighter than Redman.
We’re better of trusting our own eyes when it comes to judging weights, or more importantly, comparative strength, than these ‘official’ stats.


Degoey is to strong for Redman and to quick for Hurley. He is a nightmare of a matchup. Given clean footy and space I don’t think anyone can go with him. Pressure up the field is the key.


Conor can.


Ambrose is the obvious matchup, let’s Hurley play loose on Mihocek


Barring injury, there’s going to be some very unlucky players each week. Which is a great thing for the club. Until trade period…


Might be a great thing for the club in trade period as well…


Ziebell’s sloooow tho. At least these days. Never been an endurance runner but he’s got no zip at all now.


Remember when he had Saad covered last year, and Saad just ran past him as if he wasn’t there.


Redman is such a jet, it’s a shame we didn’t get more games into him earlier. I know injuries haven’t helped.


Thought he could have been a top 5 kick on our list, now I’m invoking Gyalchester by Drake.

“I know I said top 5, but I’m top 2, and I’m not 2…”


We have some seriously good kicks on our list now. So confident when Redman or riddles have ball in hand.


Yeah I can see and Gleel returning to the backline and Redman getting a gig in the midfield. Francis I’m not sure, maybe he bids his time until Ambrose or Hurley are injured


It’s an option, but I think Darcy would be wasted playing purely inside. We would be wasting his running ability imo.
Clarke would be the one to take over from Myers imo

As for Redman. Love him


With redders we might finally have a decent match up for Izaac Heeney


I don’t think Clarke will reach an acceptable level with his kicking to become a consistent senior player.