#27 Mason Redman


He was really ■■■■■■■ good.


Has been well worth the wait. His kicking inside 50 was elite against North. If that’s the standard he sets over the course of his career, he’ll be a really important player for us. Love that he’s got some real aggro to go with his skill set and running capability. He’s a full package.


Last year in the second match it was Hooker on Cox and Hurley on Mihocek. I think Ambrose started on DeGoey? Stephenson touched up Saad early and McKenna went onto him. Later McKenna was DeGoey. I rewatched the game last night and Hurley was immense in that game. In full beast mode. In 2017 McGrath played on Elliott. Lots of machinations for the coaches. This doesn’t even consider Ridley and Redman and who they would play on?MAybe Redman moves up to the wing or Ridley does and McGrath back?

Maynard v Fanta will be interesting. Just hope we get through with no injuries so we can see how well we go rather than running out of foot soldiers like last year.

We need Guelfi in to add to the midfield rotations i think. On that basis Bags might go out. Toough as nails always puts in but he is down on last year. That said we need to have a defensive small to Harris them. Both teams have a lot of talent. I really hope it is a good day. I hope Joey can come up.


Anyone know his contract status ?


Out of contract at the end of this season




■■■■■■ gun.


I thought he showed today that his defensive game is pretty decent too.

Missed a few of his trademark wormburner passes, but he still hit a few.


a very good player and a great example of good development too.


This needs to be rectified ASAP


Mason Redman is the ■■■■


We’ve found one here. Has the potential to be something really special. Persist with him the rest of the year.


I love this guy. A hard nut with good skills. Pencil him in for 200 games.


Love him.


He’s a lock for next 10 years


A Dodoro special that actually worked out!


Keeps his feet. Hes a good get


Redman and Ridley are an insane duo on HBF. Redman is a super player already. Imagine him in 3-4 years!


Very clean hands, excellent balance and acceleration, hard at it - 187cm and 87kgs. Midfield potential?


You can see why we signed him up to a 3 year deal early on and most thought “wtf” at the time.