#27 Mason Redman


Love this kid. Was great today. Happy to go back with the flight, take the game on and back his skills.


To be fair, it got announced shortly after he got dropped for what he recently called the worst game of football he’d played in his entire life. “wtf” wasn’t an entirely unfair reaction.


We’ll have 22 midfielders if Blitz gets it’s way. It’s laughable.


What’s with the midfielder fascination? We need backmen too. Redman is perfect for the task.


Gleeson going to have a hard time getting back in the side with Redman I would say he’s replaced him.


This guy is a serious gun, how many games has he played again? Can’t wait to watch him get even better.


Because we’ve got AFL grade defenders playing VFL, and VFL grade midfielders playing AFL


Potential gun. Would have to be one of the top five kicks in the club.


Hard to believe that Ridley and Redman only have a combined total of 16 games between them. They look like they’ve both played 100 games each and are settled senior players.
Very bright future for these 2, throw in Francis who I think will be a gun and the defence looks rock solid for years to come


Can assure you no one around the club watching him closely in the VFL thought that.


I think Gleeson is competing with Ridley. I also think he still had him covered once he’s fit


Or play Ridley on the wing and put Zaka in the VFL


ridley is a surer presence in the backline than gleeson, who is prone to brain fades. has gleeson ever played forward/wing?


Would love to see Redman or Ridley pushed up to the wing in the second half of the year.

I had Guelfi in our top half dozen yesterday for his hardness but his skills are suspect under pressure.

We now have an abundance of skilled players in the backline so I’m sure we can afford to push one further up the ground.


Given how the game is played, players (defenders and forwards) can roam all the ground during games. Redman and Ridley can be in that wing position numerous times during games as picked defenders.


Gleeson was our best intercept marker in 2017.


As a forward I’d be licking my lips if either got the ball on the wing rather than some of the junk they get served regularly. That pass from Redman to Joe the half time siren was sublime


Of course.

The whole side generally pushes up and down the field and also rotate positions.

There is also no doubt who sets up behind the ball and who is up the ground.

I was sitting on the great southern stand side yesterday and the amount of times we continually went down that side and turned it over to Collingwood was ridiculous. We showed none of our previous composure and intent to switch the play or go through the middle.

A couple of our players who I won’t name just have a habit of just throwing it on the boot.

Skipworth touched on it briefly in the post game. “We went too fast”.

Poor decision making and poor execution cost us victory yesterday as well as the obvious cheating from the umpires.

The most pleasing thing for me is that we played the game on Collingwoods terms for the majority of the game and we were still the better side.

We are a flag chance for sure this year.


I think people forget how good Gleeson was becoming before he got injured


I am guilty of that. I remember his first game and thought he didn’t show much in the few games he played in 2016. The fact he couldn’t get a game in 2017 (he didn’t have any serious injuries, right?) had me thinking he wasn’t going to make it.

What he has shown in the last three games make me think he is more like Enright than Gleeson, who Bomber compared to.

He and Tom Doedee are a good reminder that there is nothing wrong with developing in the state leagues for a couple of years.

Keep up the good work, Redman!