#27 Mason Redman

Depends, is he a mathematician?

If he is, he probably thinks 12 is an enormous upgrade on 27!

He kinda reminds me a bit of polec the way he moves, but with an appetite for the contest.

That said I see no reason to rush him to a wing just as a he’s finding his feet down back.

We do need more guys that can be relied on to hit targets going inside 50.

the forwards could do themselves a big favour by leading at the ball carrier every once in a while though


Still don’t get all this talk of playing him on the wing.

One of his best strengths is his 1 v 1 work in a marking contest


Fair bit of hyperbole on here. He’s shown some good signs and hit some brilliant lace out kicks so far this season. He’s also scrubbed a fair few along the ground and just played on Ablett who ripped us to shreds on the weekend.

He’s got a future but I’m not getting to carried away just yet.

I can guarantee he will change numbers at the end of this year.

That depends really. A mathematician may favour a perfect cube, or a number whose binary version is a palindrome, or the fact that etc etc. 12 is positively boring by comparison…

Fair enough.

12 would be an interesting choice. (Assuming Bags vacates it) given Welsh and Baguley are the top 2 players in terms of games played to have worn the jumper.

Of course you never know what it might mean to an individual…

Barry Capuano???

Mivhael Symons would have played more in 12 than Bags, wouldn’t he? Bearing in mind that Bags played a year or 2 in #46.

Possibly, I was looking at a stats site that may not have split it out appropriately

He has another great strength that we lack a bit of - pin-point accuracy in field kicking. Imagine those going to our forwards. I’d consider the trade-off losing Redman & McKenna from the backline to have them delivering into the F50. It would cost us something, but may be a net gain.


Joe Daniher: “Just boot it high and long every time, and I’ll eventually hold onto a screamer.”

He wasn’t on Ablett the whole time (Ridley was on him a bit, and… friggin Zaha), and when he was, he didn’t lose too many one-on-ones.

His defensive work is legit.

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What’s wrong with 27?

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Nothing. Good number.


One of the best.



The midfield talk is because we have quite a few good half back flankers but struggling for aggression/skills/size in the midfield which Redman has.

Dane Swan started off as a decent half back and ended up one of the best midfielders of the last 20 years.

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We need more mids who can think their way through congestion and be a bit creative rather than going the panicked blind kick which often gets intercepted.

When he swatted that ball out of opposition hands whilst grounded he demonstrated both concentration and situational awareness, something IMO we don’t seem to have an abundance of and very impressive for a guy who’s played so few games.

We also need players on a wing who can win 1-1s, work hard to provide options, take marks and deliver the ball.

Redman has enormous potential.

This might be one where Dodoro’s post draft spin could be on the money…


Maybe just Redman IMO would be enough; McKenna is not quite at Redman’s level, I think, in terms of accuracy. Redman is one of those players we should be trying to get the ball to. Just exquisite F50 entries when he gets a chance.

Welsh 147, George Bell 112, Michael Symons 109, Barry Capuano 108, Baguley 103.

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