#27 Mason Redman


Mason reminds me of a Hawks player, thankfully he is ours.


One of the few players that look like they give a ■■■■


He would have to be close to BOG for us, love his attack and approach

Hope he plays every match this year


How the fark was that htb and not a push in the back to Redman in the final minute of the game near the 50 mtr line?

At least he would’ve given us half a chance with his competent delivery into the F50 to steal a win.


One of, if not THE best last night.

Worsfold will drop this this week for, oh look I don’t know, whoever the hell what does it matter club is shot.


If there is one positive so far this season, it’s this kid. We’ve found a player here!

Really enjoyed his game tonight. He certainly has some good tools moving forward but I love that he never shirks his defensive responsibilities either.


He’s a jet. I relax when he has the ball, which is saying something. It may be saying “you’ve had 18 stubbier” but it’s saying something


Fair to say that the umpires don’t love him like I do!


How good is his kicking??? Such a weapon.


Love this guy. Always have. Me thinks he can play anywhere. I would actually like to see him across the forward line. Can mark kick, read the play, and run run run.


Our most complete development in a player for sometime.


Really is a younger Goddard if Goddard started at HBF as opposed to mid


Was a failure as a forward. But as a defender then a mid? 100% YES.


If Goddard knew how to play 1v1 in defence…


He’s an angry boy too. Love it.


Loved seeing him crack the sh#ts, throw the mouth guard and spray the ump.

This kids awesome


He has never played forward in the AFL, so thats simply incorrect.


Plays much better than his level of experience would otherwise have us believe.

He was enormous tonight, and had 2, not 1, bulls.h.i.t frees paid against him. Looks very composed with the ball in hand, a natural football player. Will form a great working relationship with Ridley in years to come.


didnt they try him up forward in 2016? remember he kicked a goal on the line as well


Yeah, he debuted up forward on the SCG against the Boiled Geese


Just saw the free kick against him, boy oh boy woweee, that was the worst decision you could ever see.