#27 Mason Redman

They tried him as a forward for a year in the vfl. He has said since that he had absolutely no idea. He was literally asking teammates during games what to do. In his own words, he’s not a forward.

Also, this guy should be taking all the kickouts


Love him

Love this ■■■■

He kicked 5 goals in the vfl in one match so I assume that was as a forward

I could watch him kick the footy all day

An absolute thing of beauty


teaching my kids how to kick the footy. I. tell them to watch every time Redman gets the ball

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This bloke is everything you want in a player. Star.


If he gets a good run of games will be AA in next 2 years. Allows McKenna to play wing. What an absolute ripper of a player.

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Pick 29 Morgan
Pick 30 Redman

Sack Dodoro


He’s a gun, locked down that HBF spot good enough to keep Francis out.

Would’ve been a massive fail if he bombed out on those 2 picks. Mase is a keeper. Love it when he has the ball in his hands, rarely wastes it.

Has a natural sliver of white line fever in him that I love, and we need.

Plus skill.


Ok not a forward. He convinced me he can play anywhere last night. Suppose that’s my point. He is such a complete player. HB & wing seem the obvious spots.

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Would love to see him rotate through the middle next year, he’s a good size and has some real aggression.


He does indeed. Both overhead, but below the knees. Clean hands. Excellent kick. Excellent for overhead spoiling. And comes back for second efforts if things don’t go right.

And given his inexperience it’s impressive he has the confidence and calmness to perform that “Goddard role” taking the ball out of defence.

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Think they are playing Ridley forward in the VFL for exactly your reasoning. Both Redman and Ridley are supreme talents. Makes sense to turn at least one of them into a forward option.


It feels like he’s crept up on us but we have a new star.


Get a big 4yr contract in front of him, Jet.

Sorry if this has been mentioned but is he still eligible for a Rising Star nom?