#27 Mason Redman

Future captain. Well, either him or Andy.

Ineligible but sportsbet are taking bets. Crooks.


We need to re-sign him ASAP. There will be a lot of clubs starting to notice him.

You’re Kidding. I didn’t believe you and had to check.
They should be made to refund any bets on that



When Redman was drafted, didn’t an SA recruiter say that he would be the best player out of the draft ?
I vaguely remember a post from you about this.

He’s a ■■■■■■■ gun. Other players are actually seeking him out now to get the ball in his hands he is that composed and skilful.


Love him.

Dear Mason,

Please continue to resist the temptation to “touch”, or throw something at the clowns in green. I know they are picking on you in ways bordering on ridiculous. However the team cannot afford to have you suspended.


EFC fans


If memory serves me correctly he said he was one of the most skilled players he had seen come out of the underage system in SA. Several others also said to watch out for him as he could be anything


Agree 100%.

Ridley with his height is probably a better marking option. Looking forward to see how he goes again in the VFL today in this role.

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So good 1 v 1. Got him so far ahead of Ridley in terms of that 4th defender/medium sized defender

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How would he go in the midfield? It would be great to have him delivering the ball into F50.

There was one bit of play on Saturday night (last qrt??) where he speared a pass into the F50. It was a beautiful flat kick into space that 2 of our players could have run onto. But they didn’t. They both ran away from it (presumably because they’d never had a ball kicked to them in that manner before).


No you’re wrong.
They ran away from it because it was going too fast and they were scared of getting hurt.

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Pretty sure Mason has some firm convictions about the acceptability of losing contests.


Why are we trying to turn Redman into a midfielder after most on here complain we try to turn too many backmen into midfielders?


They were also taking money for party to form government for those not running enough candidates to do so.

And for Palmer, too :smile:

He should be here with us!

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His handball receives climb every week i reckon without looking at the stats, We want the ball in his hands.

Best part of this season has been his development.


3rd qtr, 13.15 remaining

Receives the ball in the middle, defensive side of centre.
Doesn’t have a clear kicking option with all outlets covered (trust me on this, was sitting behind the goals behind him).
Invites pressure from an incoming tackler in order to release Saad into some space.
We end up with a deep entry and shot at goal which ordinarily would be converted.

This guy takes the right kind of risks.
You can’t teach what he has !


He was already this good last year.