#27 Mason Redman

I like him but I think he lacks peripheral vision. Turns into oncoming traffic at least a few times during a game. Not something that can be taught unfortunately.

Really should be considered for a move into the ruck. Let’s see what he’s got.

This was the standard play of Pops Kelly. he almost always turned to go towards the defence.
Its a great way to pick a deeper defender for a handpass out of trouble. The problem is that opposing forwards are now hanging around the mid arc region in transition. hunting defenders a lot more rather than just being in a headlong rush to flood back.

Its something that all the half backs will be encountering with this new “forward defensive pressure”

Pops will teach him, he is going to be a very good player.

Check out his Q&A on the EFC website.

Funny guy & can play too

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Except he says South Australia is his dream place to live :expressionless:


I wouldn’t worry too much about this, he didn’t say Adelaide and he comes from a beautiful area on the coast about 400km SSE from Adelaide, which he is very fond of when you hear him talk about home and his family.

Melbourne is only about 470km away, so not much different.


Thanks, i needed that. He’s one of my favourite players.

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Mine too. Ever since I saw this:


This has already been posted getting on 3 years ago earlier in the thread, but it bears a re post.

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Legend’s praise for Redman

Julian Trantino

May 30, 2019 7:30PM

Essendon legend Simon Madden has heaped praise on Mason Redman, the current custodian of the No.27 jumper he made famous.

Speaking on The Essential Listen , Madden was quick to nominate the youngster when asked about his favourite current Bomber.

“I have lots of favourites, but the one that I’ve got a soft spot for is the No.27. I think he’s wearing the jumper really well. He’s got really good potential and he’s just got a little bit of verve in his play,” Madden said.

“He’s developing well. I think he’s slowly becoming my favourite.”

Since returning from an ankle injury in round four, Redman has played seven consecutive games, averaging 15 disposals and five marks across half-back.

He’ll take that streak to eight when he lines up against the Blues for the Madden Cup on Sunday.

Now in its 23rd year, the Madden Cup celebrates the incredible achievements of Madden brothers Simon and Justin, two of the game’s greatest ruckmen who combined for 710 games and four premierships across the two clubs.

Simon, who ranks second in Essendon’s games record tally (378) and won four club best-and-fairests, said he still hadn’t forgiven his younger brother for his move to Carlton after 45 games with the Bombers in the early ‘80s.

“I’ve never spoken to him since,” he laughed.

“When he came into football, he had a more level-headed view of it. I was just a starry-eyed school kid. This is a really hard game and when we were vying for the one position, he said, ‘I don’t know if there’s room for both of us and you’ve been here for a while, so I’m going to leave and find the club that pays the most money’.”

“He found Carlton, and now he’s rich unfortunately. He did well out of it.”

Listen to Simon Madden at his witty, charismatic best from 21:04 to 35:49 below, as he reflects on his magnificent career, the sibling rivalry, the enormous influence of his mother and the significance of the Essendon-Carlton rivalry.


Tell us something we don’t know, Madden.

Love the way Mason goes about it. At least we have 1 shining light come out of what looks to be another wasted season.


Has composure.

I remember a fend of Redman’s in the VFL, was awesome.

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Welcome to four posts ago.


That will learn me to read all posts and not just hit reply on a post I like.

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Learnings are important.


M’boy Reson.

Been excellent

Goddard was always going to be a massive loss and whilst Redman’s output still well below what BJ would have done he’s progressing nicely.

Super competitive and highly skilled


Yes Mason! Just YES!

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you had me at yes