#27 Mason Redman

It was lonely driving his bus for the first 3 years but happy the bus is now full :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Absolutely love the bloke if you can’t tell


Once Hurley, Hooker and Ambrose sail off into the sunset, this defence becomes Mason’s to lead.

Saad, Redman, McKenna, Francis, and BZT will be more than enough to build around. Add an experienced Gleeson and Ridley switching between the middle and the backline looks to be one hell of a future backline.


We’d need one more genuine kpd stopper in that backline, to cover 198cm+ kpfs. BZT could take one, but Franga and Gleek are better zoning off and the others are rebounders.


One of them are high up on my list for this draft.

There are usually a few picked where we will likely be selecting our first.

McAsey, 196cm, looks the pick of the KPD thus far.

Sam deKoning, 200cm, was impressive in the 1st champs game too

Then there’s always to option of taking an athletic ruck or KPF and turning them into a defender. And we do have a good track record in developing KPDs. Jeka, Jackson and even our own Bowman all have the size and athleticism to be good defenders imo, with the two victiorians also having pretty good skills.

I reckon there have been half a dozen times already this year where he has stood under a high ball and taken the mark, only for his teammates to ■■■■ it up be giving away a free. On most occasions Redman didn’t need the help


Ruckman, mid, small forward, KPD would be my four recruiting preferences (in order).

It’s important to get a ruckman but i’m not sure i’d Use our first pick on one

Mo22ie is a small forward.

People also forget Jok, very good player.

As for the mid, I want a bigger bodied tallish mid (not one that will take 5 years to get some strength) with exquisite kicking skills.

No, no. I wouldn’t either. Just a needs based comment. We definitely need to pick up another ruckman. Whenever we are back in the draft, I would use our first pick on another mid.

Yep - love him, but they are so critical in modern footy that another one to provide injury backup would be good. Raz is injury prone and we have been lucky injury-wise with Walla. Bags at the end, so Mozzie is all we have left in that area.

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I thought Ham played a bit as a small forward today and did very well. Maybe they think he is backup in that area?

We need more hff/mids, Richmond type role players who give maximum effort.

I don’t know what position Jok will end up in, HBF/out would be my guess, I’m surprised by how little they’ve used him in the ruck.

Our first pick will be in the 20s so it’s more a case of “who is left”. Nick Bryan and Luke Jackson are the two best at the moment; Bryan is an English-type and Jackson more an athletic KPP/ruck.

Bowman is showing quite a bit for an 19yo bean pole in the VFL, he might come into consideration late. Port offered him a SANFL spot before the MSD, but they have plenty of tall options developing atm.

Currently I have,
Kysiah Pickett, HFF
Cameron Taheny, MFor
J Rantall, Mid
Fischer McAsey, KPD
Luke Jackson, KPP
Nick Bryan, Ruck
On my wish list for our first.

Although there’ll be plenty of movement between now and November as this year is super tight after the first 10/15 picks.


Like this post - a lot. Quality research, HM.

Showed a bit when he broke through into the seniors. Build up his frame to cope with the rigours of footy at the highest level and yep - he could make it. Jury is still out there.

Still eligible apparently. Age is 21 and under at 1st of Jan.

Try again

fast becoming one of my fave players to watch. sense of security when the ball is in his hand.
might be my imagination but seems the players feel the same and/or are instructed to feed off to him.
remarkable for a kid who’s played merely a few games.

He turns 22 this season though. Lets hope Clarke can grab it out of nowhere.

I admire your long term research but J Rantall (mid) might be stretching it a bit.
He’s pretty good but also 75 years old now.

I think Lance is suggesting he’s showing early signs of lead poisoning.

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“A player is nominated for the award each round during the AFL season by a panel of experts; to be eligible for nomination, the player must be aged 21 or under on 1 January that year, and have played ten or fewer AFL games as of the start of the season”