#27 Mason Redman

Weird, this is what’s on the AFL website:

" To be eligible for the AFL Rising Star Award, each year’s nominated players must be under the age of 21 at 1 January and have played no more than 10 AFL games to the start of that season."

I’d love to get some clarity on this?

I emailed Sportsbet to say they shouldn’t be taking bets on him. They said nope he’s eligible and quoted that to me.

So either way, I’ve been wrong at least once. :laughing:

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Place a bet and then sue the bastards. They know exactly what they’re doing.

Here’s your confusion, you already sorted it out but didnt realise it.

Must be 21 OR under, … he was 21 on Jan 1st, … so is eligible.

I would like to see Stewart played in the VFL backine when he returns from injury. Has all the athletic attributes to make a great KPB. It worked for Darcy Moore, it could work for Stewart.
I would prefer to pick up a forward in the draft especially if we are interested in Fletcher as a long term option as well.


I wasn’t confused by that bit BSD.

It was the quote that @Lance84 had from AFL that was conflicting.

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So why the hell hasn’t he got a nomination yet?!

Well he’s won something, got a lot of votes for most annoying player to travel with!


Once he disintegrates JOM into a pile of dust, the experts (cough,bs,cough) will be all over it.

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I reckon the 21 and under articles are wrong. I reckon it’s under 21


Have the AFL got any rules that are clear?

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Yes, The “Bringing the Game into Disrepute” rule is pretty straight forward for them…


I am summoned.

Love this bloke. Hardly ever puts a foot wrong and you just feel safe when he’s around the ball.

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was good again tonight

Great game, tracking nicely.


Had a couple of moments he would rather forget but takes the game on and makes things happen.

He is going to be a very very good footballer. Rarely makes a mistake. Looks like he has been playing in the team for years.


Slices through traffic


We’ll be a much better side when Mason and Saad are the ones averaging 25 possessions from the backline.