#27 Mason Redman


Love watching Mason play. What a gem.


We have a very fine group of youngsters coming up.


100% disposal efficiency
Good effort


Love this kid, will only get heaps better (I hope :wink:)


Find myself redman-watching … when you find ypirseld specifically watching a player within the game. he’s so good, so mature it’s hard to believe really.


I must say I got it wrong with him. I thought his ceiling would be to be solid most of the time best 22 player.

He’s already way more than that and still has loads of development ahead.


Hurls needs to give the ball to this bloke whenever possible. Has excellent disposal low and flat and good decision making. Hurls 50 metre loopy kicks get turned over 50% of the time.



When it comes to contract extensions, ‘repay the faith’ is a close second to ‘has signed for X number of years’. Great stuff, Mason.


Don’t most of our re-signings come after a bad loss :joy:


Because you get the players 10% cheaper.


Jackets on the plane to Perth could be a bad omen. Bad for the team, but good for Mason. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


He does have lots of upside… but I’m interested in where it will come from. As a half back he’s doing all that can be expected. Could he push onto a wing, go into the middle? Except for the KPPs in Hooker, Hurls and McKernan, we seem to be building a squad of athletic mids/ruck rover types that can pinch hit in almost any non-KPP on the ground.

I reckon Reds (and Riddles in the VFL) will be trained to be one of these next gen footballers who can play multiple positions, sometimes in the space of one game. Lang and String are there, Parish, Begs are getting there… Lav when fit enough, will be one. Reds and Riddles both have the raw ability to do the same.

Maybe this is the long term thinking behind Wooshas comments about building a team, not just to make finals, but one that will win multiple flags


It might be common at all clubs, but there are signs the 20-25 age group are tight knit. Many have played together at VFL level and bonded well down there and are now filtering up to AFL level. Its no coincidence that 5-7 of the young players were in our best 10 players last week. Its almost a generational thing.


And they are not carrying any mental baggage.


All they’re carrying is a few of their older teammates.

And the expectations of Blitz.


Love this bloke having the last kick into our forward 50


He might cop 6 weeks for the kick he dished out tonight.
(If it was any other team, he’d be let off with a fine).


If he doesnt get a rest I’d be inclined to give him one. We need big bodies v Giants


Thought he had a dip and took the game on when the rest of our team virtually submitted to turnover passing. Given he’s not yet played 20 games at AFL level, so much to like about Redman. Will only get stronger and better imo