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Can someone post the article about Rednab being the most consistent defender in the league atm? Would be good to read something slightly optimistic about the club considering this year has gone to complete crap


Essendon defender Mason Redman ranks as AFL’s most consistent player to Round 15

Tim Michell , Herald Sun

June 25, 2019 2:22pm

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Darcy Moore’s importance to Collingwood has been emphasised by statistics which reveal the key defender is one of the AFL’s most consistent players.

Champion Data statistics show Moore ranks third in the competition for ranking points consistency, behind Essendon’s Mason Redman and Melbourne’s Josh Wagner.

After being restricted to seven games last season due to injury, Moore has scored between 64 and 79 in nine of his 11 matches, averaging 15.5 disposals and 4.6 marks in 2019.

“He’s certainly shored up their defence,” Magpies premiership player Mick McGuane said.

“I would love to see over an extended period of time how Moore and (Tom) Langdon operate.

“I reckon we’d be talking in similar volumes to (Tom) Barrass, (Shannon) Hurn and (Jeremy) McGovern.

“Them as a team within the team would be quite formidable.

“From an individual standpoint he’s very good one-on-one and he’s proven that on a number of occasions this year.

“He backs his judgment in the air which I like in a defender.”

Essendon’s Mason Redman has been the most consistent player of 2019. Picture: Michael Klein.

Moore ranks fourth among players with an average of 70 ranking points or more for reliability behind Geelong’s Tom Stewart (101.1 points), Hawthorn midfielder James Worpel (89) and dumped Port Adelaide ruckman Paddy Ryder (83.8).

“I see a really driven individual that has lived in the land of hurt and frustration,” McGuane, who recently spoke to Moore for an exclusive one-on-one interview, said.

“Which has been outside of his control because his body has failed him at times. But the way he has attacked his rehab … it’s made him a consistent contributor this year.”

After 24 matches, Worpel has already established himself as a key member of Hawthorn’s engine room.

The 20-year-old has had at least 20 disposals in 12 of his 13 games this year, helping fill the void left by Brownlow medallist Tom Mitchell’s season-ending injury.

Darcy Moore has proven his value to Collingwood in defence after overcoming injury. Picture: AAP Image/Daniel Pockett.

Geelong Falcons talent manager Michael Turner still regards Worpel as one of the greatest draft steals in his time at the NAB League footy factory.

Worpel led the Falcons to a premiership in his draft year, which Turner spent urging AFL clubs to pay close attention to the ball-winning ability of a midfielder he likened to Taylor Adams and Ben Cunnington.

“The James Worpel one, in my time, it’s probably one of the biggest shocks I’ve had that he went pick No. 45 in the draft,” Turner told the Herald Sun this week.

“He’s proven them wrong.”

Turner said he Worpel’s professionalism had enabled him to make the jump from under-18 football to AFL level with little fuss.

“The biggest thing with all players once they go to AFL clubs, as long as they have got that attitude that they are going to work hard to improve, they will improve,” he said.

“He’s been fantastic.”

Josh Wagner has been a reliable performer for Melbourne this year. Picture: Michael Klein

All-Australian defender Stewart has been the most consistent player with an average ranking above 100, followed by Western Bulldogs half-back flanker Caleb Daniel (103.6) and Sydney’s Jake Lloyd (116.2).

Geelong VFL coach Shane O’Bree, one of the key figures in Stewart’s successful transition to the AFL ranks, said the 26-year-old’s reliability was one of his strengths.

“He puts a lot of work into his game on and off the field which helps him be a consistent player,” O’Bree said.

“Now (reliability) is really importance because of no runners. You want all your players having a good knowledge of the game and awareness.

“Tom is very good at that … he knows our game plan inside and out.”




Source: Champion Data.

  • Adelaide: Daniel Talia (13 games, average 68.2, standard deviation 13.3)
  • Brisbane Lions: Luke Hodge (12 games, average 66.8, SD 13.9)
  • Carlton: Paddy Dow (13 games, average 58.8, SD 13.6)
  • Collingwood: Darcy Moore (11 games, average 76.2, SD 11.1)
  • Essendon: Mason Redman (10 games, average rank 67.2, standard deviation 8.4).
  • Fremantle: Ethan Hughes (13 games, average rank 61.5, SD 12)
  • Geelong: Tom Stewart (13 games, average 101.1, SD 13.1)
  • Gold Coast: Jesse Joyce (11 games, average 61.4, SD 12.1)
  • GWS Giants: Adam Kennedy (13 games, average 63.1, SD 15.3)
  • Hawthorn: James Worpel (12 games, average 89, SD 11.7)
  • Melbourne: Josh Wagner (10 games, average 60.3, SD 9.6)
  • North Melbourne: Luke McDonald (10 games, average 63, SD 13.2)
  • Port Adelaide: Tom Clurey (13 matches, average 70.8, SD 11.2)
  • Richmond: Kamdyn McIntosh (13 games, average 66.6, SD 13.9)
  • St Kilda: Nathan Brown (10 matches, average 55.2, SD 12.5)
  • Sydney: Tom McCartin (10 games, average 47.5, SD 14.1)
  • Western Bulldogs: Zaine Cordy (13 matches, average 51.3, SD 13.8)
  • West Coast: Oscar Allen (12 matches, average 64, SD 11.5)

Tom Stewart soars above a pack to mark against Port Adelaide. Picture: James Elsby/AFL Photos via Getty Images.

  • Tom Stewart, Geelong
  • Caleb Daniel, Western Bulldogs
  • Jake Lloyd, Sydney
  • Mitch Duncan, Geelong
  • Todd Goldstein, North Melbourne
  • Luke Parker, Sydney
  • Andrew Gaff, West Coast
  • Travis Boak, Port Adelaide
  • Josh Kelly, GWS Giants
  • Adam Treloar, Collingwood
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So Redman’s the most consistent and gets a whole one sentence sandwiched between Moore and Worpel? Just one more reason not to subscribe.


Yep. nearly didn’t bother posting it.

I have no idea why anyone would buy or subscribe, or in anyway give a penny to Newscorp.


Whoever wrote it clearly knows nothing about Redman and decided just to avoid it.


Haha, that article is fuccking hilarious


I cant even, what the hell is that article?


I wonder if the writer knows what a standard deviation is.

Avoiding Redman aside, that does strike me as a pretty useless piece of analysis.


What an absolute joke of an article. Redman barely mentioned. Dud rag!

The HS deliberately use ‘Bombers’, ‘Essendon’ and our player pics as clickbait because we have one of the largest numbers of supporters (as opposed to paid up members) in the country.

Likely had the article written and then the subbie placed the pic/wrote the headline


I think that’s how it works. Disconnect between the writer and the sub-editors on those matters.

And we love our players getting pumped up and overrated as we buy right into it

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It’s not really a pump-up, let alone meaningful. The players with the actual lowest standard deviation are the ones who have only played one game…


that’s mean*

(*yep, that’s a very average pun…)


Rubbish pun.

*Apologies for being so kurt.

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He’s tracking nicely as a median defender.


I had higher expectation of you, but I find i’m at variance with your mode of communication. I’m confounded by your inference.


The pun quality in this thread has regressed.


The error bars on this thread are quite extreme.

I’d say it was on the bell curve… ya bell-end!