#28 Mitch "Swingman" Brown - extended to 2019


Goddard would have freed up some money, probs not as much as when he first came in but his back end of the contract would still have been 500k+ right? Plus Green/Jacko…so might have 750k free. 1st year players from the draft wont get much…90k or so yeah…especially if we give our pick 8 up. The guys that signed probably only got more years not more money


Reading between the lines of this announcement, this contract has a trigger in it…so it could roll over into 2020.

Secondly, the flexibility of Brown…makes Hartley that little bit more expendable from a list perspective.


He would have been the perfect partner to Hawkins at the Cats should they have stuck with him.

But they didn’t, so he isn’t. Ahhh, that felt good.


found it - against Fremantle. That is a seriously nice kick.



Mitch Brown has a massive tank and is fast and is very well suited to the high half forward role. However, that is the role Joey plays. SMack and Hooker are better playing deep ( goal square forward) so really Mitch Brown is the Joey replacement, but he is a 1.3 goals a game player compared with Joey at 2.8


He provides cover for stringer too and some of our kpds


To sit in the trophy cabinet with his “Worst Moustache” trophy.


Oh but he was a top up player in early 2015 in the JLT series and Hartley got a lot of publicity trying out to be a top up at the same time (but didn’t pass the medical) . This helped both of them get drafted by us at the end of 2015. Walla also got his first senior match as a top up at this time and was rookie drafted when they got senior drafted.

NB: Also beaten here by @The_New_Coleman and not sure if @True_Value_Blitzer was taking the ■■■■ or just not thinking of the 2015 JLT top ups as the full blown whole season 2016 AFL top ups. It is true that the media were constantly calling Brown, Hartley and Walla top ups all season, when they were well and truly on our regular list.


Seen Sam Draper this year??


Crazy good tall depth up forward.

He is also tall back depth, Hartley may be up against it.

NB: @Clark_Griswold is ahead of me on this thought.


Well done Mitch. If we could have hit him on the chest in a number of games this year he would have many more goals on the board


Brown has him beaten, as disgustingly repellent as Draper’s is.


you wont see joe smack brown in the same team…raxx walla stringer plus bag or a resting mid just doesnt allow…its all about pressure which is something smack and joe arent overly great at!


I think he only got one year because that’s the limit for top-ups.


Good work Mitch.


Great work from all involved. Good to see him rewarded for his efforts and l look forward to him contributing even more in the future, as l reckon he is yet to hit his ceiling. He is also building.



IF: Purple has actually presented a Sliding Doors moment in his stupid weekly column

THEN: I’ve never seen it.


Unhinged doors


Not sure what his intention in writing that is and I can’t believe I wasted 4 seconds of my life trying to figure it out