#28 Mitch "Swingman" Brown - extended to 2019


Yesterday, Fox had a replay of last year’s round 15 game against Nth. Brown was very good.


Did watch that. A lot of the goals we scored that day were due to his hard work. Often working up to the wing to provide an option.


I’m an unashamed MB fan. I think he offers and produces a lot more than he gets credit for.


Me too.


It will be very interesting to see what they do with the tall forwards. Brown, Smack and Stewart all have different, but handy attributes they bring to the team.

I like them and would like to see each of these guys playing, but I don’t want more than 2 talls in the team, so if Daniher is fit there is only room for 1 of them.
Hard to know what the coaches are thinking.


He’s in my best 22. Very reliable player.


Remember that clutch goal against Sydney after the siren in the 3rd? That was awesome


wasn’t that on the halftime siren?


Yeah my bad, I had to go back and watch the highlights after I posted that


Good highlights to watch!!


the roar from the crowd was awesome


Is there anyone on our list who isn’t the perfect wingman?


Matty Dea.


Cale Hooker


Underestimate them at your own peril


If Joey doesn’t get up for round 1, then it is Mitch’s spot, Stewart would need to make some serious strides during the JLT to jump him.


Yep. I’d have Stewart behind both Brown and Smack at the moment.


I see Smack as a ff/R, and the other 2 as CHF/3rdTall. We don’t really have any depth in Smacks position, if he goes down we would need to bring in Zlarke, bring Hooker forward or change our forward structure to something less reliant on the deep marking ‘anchor’ role


I think we can play all Daniher, Smack and Brown together.
Brown covers the ground and can go back. He provides cover and a consistent structure to our talls if one needs rest. Brown will be really handy for games against hard running opposing forwards. Hooker, Hurley and Francis might need a helping hand.
Until further analysis I think it wouldn’t be a great selection only playing one ruck so I expect Smack to play early.
I expect us being cautious with Daniher and not playing him too high. Stringer I can’t trust playing high; putting in the Km’s and taking contested marks between the arcs. Also wouldn’t want to be exhausting Smack in doing this and then expect him to rotate into the ruck.


I agree with a lot of this. What worries me is that Stringer isn’t great with defensive pressure. Hence I don’t like the idea of him + 3 talls.

Will be very interesting to see what they do