#28 Mitch "Swingman" Brown - extended to 2019


I struggle seeing us playing 3 tall plus stringer, especially with Joey likely to be limited in his fitness


3 talls like 3 ruckmen isnt the greatest idea…game has changed stringer plays tall when smack goes into the ruck…hopefully they dont insist on playing stringer as a mid for the first 6 weeks like last year!


I dunno… I reckon Langers could kick a bunch of goals forward.


In my mind, there is still some chance that Langford is a better forward than a mid.

Admittedly I suspect I will be proven very very wrong this year.


Players like Stringer (mid/3rd tall) and Smack (forward/ruck) are gold for our structure because of their flexibility.

Stringers ability to play as a main marking target as well as a midfielder means we don’t have to resort to a ridiculous structure that requires 3 genuine KPF. Whilst McKernans improved ability to play as a genuine KPF means we don’t have to go with a risky double ruckman setup.

I’m expecting the emergence of Francis as an even bigger structure gold nugget as he has potential to play every position on the field except ruck.


I do hate it when posters on an Essendon fan forum talk down our players.

FFS it’s preseason. Try some optimism.

Of course he could play in the ruck.


That same risky double ruck set up that greatly helped win the WEagles a flag last year? The same risky double ruck set up, that dominated Grundy, and has coaches rethinking structures over the pre-season?


Won’t happen.
If Joe plays, two of McKernan, Brown and Stewart play magoos.
No Joe, one of them does.


Does anybody think with the new 6-6-6 starting positions and no spare defenders, that playing 3 strong marking tall forwards might give you an advantage? Especially if a team is a little short in defence? Just a thought.


That rule only applies for the center bounce, doesn’t it?

Assuming you can create a stoppage (now simplified as the ruck can grab the ball at the bounce, and it is not assumed prior opportunity), it’s not that hard to revert to old structures.


Can players leave the 50 as soon as ball is bounced? If so it’s like an extra second for a fwd to get to the contest.
SCG won’t even know the difference as the square and 50 are connected.


Yes it does. I’m not sure teams will force a stoppage so they have time to get an extra man back. It’s kind of like backing yourself to lose. I could be wrong though. Will be interesting to see the strategies around it.


Yes i think so. I’m talking about when when you get a clean clearance and are kicking the ball inside 50 to 1-on-1s then it might not be bad having 3 tall forwards.


I completely agree. Especially if one or two fwds lead to the flanks. The space inside 50 will put pressure on defenders.


Ha, I knew I should have started that pisstake with my usual “to be fair”.

I do see the two alternating forward and mid.


I’d rather he concentrate on footy rather than trying to sew garments.


Especially during a game. Even if it is only JLT.


If he’s picked for AFLX that would be a good time to do it


What if he gets a stitch or there’s some needle in the game?


His spot in the team could be hanging by a thread