#28 Mitch "Swingman" Brown - extended to 2019


I’d like to see him bobbin up more than he has been.


Having Brown in makes it easier to rotate the KPPs and Bellchamber; it doesn’t have to be a 3-tall forwardline with him. Some posters here reckon he can play wing, if he actually can, more the reason to have him in with Daniher and McKernan and Stringer. He doesn’t make us too tall, he gives us more flexibility.


He’ll be unpicked from the team pretty damn quickly in that case!


Child labour sweatshop.
Amirite guys?


Our fwd line structure is a interesting one. Its important to get the balance right. WC’s two key fwds apply a huge amount of defensive pressure compared to many other teams in the comps KPF’s. This is an area where we need to improve. If you are a 3rd tall, you had better bring relentless pressure. Players like Stringer, Brown, and Stewart are 3rd talls either they apply the pressure or play elsewhere.


All aboard!


@Klawdy ‘s boy putting himself firmly in the round 1 team.


Just got a few more threads added


Shouldn’t even be a question over him as he clearly is in our best 22 IMO


So what does our forward line look like?

Daniher McKernan Brown
Fantasia Stringer Tippa


No, way too tall


Then who?! After the performances tonight - who would you drop?


Mckernan and Brown can’t both play.


Unless smack kills it against geelong, round 1 is brown’s


Brown a lock in. Daniher and McKernan competing for the same spot


He works hard to get in the right spots.

All aboard!


Wouldn’t mind seeing him playing at both ends of the ground replacing a key position when resting.


Cant fault this bloke has gone past Stewart imo


Smack and him are such different players.
Makes it tough.


Very much so. Mitch keeps chipping away, chipping away. Smack just goes BOOM!