#28 Mitch "Swingman" Brown - extended to 2019


It’s hard to argue against, but I’ve been trying to devise one, because they both deserve to be in the team imo, and they both bring very different things to the team.

Brown is a fair athlete, and while he isn’t quick, he’s no lumbering tall. If the sixth forward spot was to go to somebody like Laverde, would we be that much more mobile, than if you gave that sixth spot to Brown instead?

Stringer “Playing Tall” is the issue I suppose.


Yep that’s the issue I think. Stringer for starters but also Langford and Laverde may rotate through.

I’d be ok with playing the 3 true kpfs, if they were surrounded by pressure smalls. We do have them, Tippa, bags, raz and Smith. But I suspect we won’t go this way.

Good options to have. Do we structure based on form or on balance.


I don’t think any player has made me eat more humble pie than than this guy. Every time I watch him play i try to find reasons to delist him.


With the bench and positional rotations, there is room for Smack and Brown. FWIW, I have Brown on the bench in my best 22, Smack at FF and Daniher CHF.


Pretty standard M.Brown game. Unassuming player but gets the job done.


I’ve changed my mind on the Forwardline.

Mitch Brown ahead of McKernan and Stewart.

Watching at the game, He just works so incredibly hard all day. Up and down the ground making an option.

Then his set shot kicking is probably the best out of all the key forwards.


Brown and Smack are different players. One position available. It all depends on Daniher.

Do they want Daniher playing 2nd ruck. Do they think Daniher is able to run out a game at CHF.

Selection will depend on those two questions in my opinion.

Both Smack and Brown can play together if Daniher does not.


The bloke is super consistent, which is what our forward line needs with X factor players like daniher, stringer etc. He also takes the pressure off by being able to nail set shots consistently. I actually do feel the recruitment of stringer whilst being a quality player somewhat threw out our forward line structure. The 3 talls worked superbly in 2017, but stringer is an in between, he isn’t tall but also isn;t a small pressure forward so almost needs to play that third tall role.

If he wasn’t around it would be pretty simple for mine.

Tippa, McKernan (prev hooker), Brown (prev stewart)
Fantasia, Daniher, Baguley (prev green)

That forward line would have great balance for mine, but yeah really can;t leave out stringer he is too good of a player.


Until daniher is match fit it will be Brown at CHF and McKernan ff/ruck


Seems to have lost his moustache


Passed it on to Noah
Think it’s a rule that we have to have a minimum number of moustaches on the list


Any thoughts on him?


I like him. Good set shot. Provides options. He’s our forward target


He’s another rubbish footballer, our list is full of them. If anyone want to debate this with me, dont bother I’m sick of seeing rubbish footballers and coaches favourites being gifted games ahead of kids.

And for those biased one eyed red n black supporters

Ask yourself this…

What other club would list, let alone play Brown, Myers, Ambrose, Baguley, there are others but that’ll do for now.


We often lack a target when trying to rebound from defence he has to take a lot of the blame for that. But he is playing CHF in a team that can’t move the ball and he would be better suited to being the 3rd tall.


He would be better suited playing VFL or Amateurs. Thank goodness he only has a one year contract - will be gone at years end and the fkg coach can go with him.


Absolutely 2nd rate, list clogger, whatevers terms ppl wanna use he’s just not good enough to be playing week in/out at AFL level


He’s a spud, defenders let him take marks 50-60 out. Hasn’t taken a dangerous mark on the wing or inside 50.


He took 8 marks the third highest on the ground after Hurls and Francis. He worked his butt of and did his job.


He was good last year and deserved the opportunity this year. But he is not impacting like he did.

I’d prefer to get Stewart in when fit and give Clarke and Draper the opportunity as a ruck forward.

I’d also prefer a smaller forward line at the moment of

Tippa Daniher Fantasia
Laverde Stringer Langford