#28 Mitch "Swingman" Brown - extended to 2019


Pretty sure everyone would prefer a forward line with Daniher in it as a rule
Dont think he’ll be much help from his wheelchair tho


If Stewart is the answer, what is the f*cking question?

Stewart couldn’t even get a kick in the VFL last season. He is just as useless as McKernan and Brown right now.


I agree, but you have to keep cycling through players all season as performs changes. If brown and Mckernan fail, bring in Stewart, Lav etc, if they fail bring in others or one of the originals if they have a good twos game. Reward performance no matter who they are.


Brown just has no presence as a target. We obviously miss Jo who can jump on peoples heads, so while we wait for his return I hope we look at options. I would like to see big Sammy given a shot. He can share ruck and forward with TBell. At least they are big and can create a contest.


His kick sideways to the fkn pocket instead of going up the guts where we had players late in the last quarter when we had to score to win summed up everything wrong with this club.


I thought he presented well and played a decent game. He’s no world-beater, but he contests harder and has a much stronger aerial presence than Stewart, who is his logical replacement. He can also kick straight at goal, which is a rare talent in our side.


Brown needs to be sent back to the VFL to learn what his role is.

Keeps getting sucked up the field just like we were doing at the beginning of last year.

40% of his possessions were in the back half yesterday and all his marks are uncontested in the least dangerous ares of the ground.

No doubt he works hard but that’s by necessity because he knows that only way he’s going to take marks are if he is out on the lead rather than in a contested situation.

Smack has come under considerable criticism since yesterdays game but have a look at where he was stationed for most of the times he got his hand onto the footy. Deep forward! He let himself down with poor conversion but at least he provided a target.

I’m not a huge Laverde fan but if he wasn’t injured I would prefer him to Brown because at least you know you are going to get a contest in the air and at least take a grab or bring it to ground.

Our key forwards are getting sucked up the ground again chasing stats.


Well that’s a big fark you to the haters

I knew he’d play well when our mids fire

CHF star today

25 possessions. 11 marks. 3 goals.

Kudos Mitch!


He was everywhere, works so hard.


Career best game?


I’m sorry Mitch.


Quite possible.
A lot of people don’t see his work rate either but watch how hard he works up and down the ground


Non footballer looking footballer you will ever see. Tries his guts out and deserves his place.


His running was actually rewarded today and he nailed his shots when needed


He’s a rubbish spud who clogs the list.

Well, at least that’s what this thread told me a 13 days ago so it must be true.


He sure does. Gets on his bike & presents so well. Excellent game today. Didn’t need Hooker forward. Will work well with Joey & Co.


Excellent game.
He works so ■■■■■■ hard.
Like Ambrose, he never gets the recognition he deserves. We will be in a good place if Daniher, Stringer and McKernan can keep this guys out of the side in the second half of the year.


Works hard.


So much better playing up the ground and running back into the forward line


One out of the box for him.
I still don’t know why he was dropped, to be honest.
I think he’s one of our most important players.

Good on him.