#28 Mitch "Swingman" Brown - extended to 2019


Bleeds red and black. Good game today, very solid performance.


Feel he is more suited to the G with plenty of space to lead and work his opponent into the ground.


Full credit to the guy-working so hard to make it happen at EFC.


9 of the possessions contested - why do people only talk about those being significant when it’s a midfielder?

Also had 88 per cent disposal efficiency and ran 14.5km, the most of any players.

Mitchell earnt himself a beer tonight.


If it weren’t for Tippa’s 7 goals this guy would have been clearly BOG.
His tireless efforts of putting in all game when we were playing like ■■■■ during the 2nd half was outstanding. His running ability for a guy his size is first class.

Casually kicking goals from 55 when we couldn’t score was great reward.
Really happy for the guy. If he’d have gotten the continuity in his game early on at the Cats he’d be a far more respected player across the league than he currently is.

A hard working honest footballer in the shape of our mid 80’s team.


Underrated. N Riewoldt lauded for years for playing the same role… Brown a better kick too imo


Going to create some selection dilemma when JOEDAN, SMACK and ALF get fit…

I like Mitch, as he gives us a running beast, can pinch hit back, contests, can mark and can kick…and he is a big bloke.

Interesting times!


98% on ground time also.
An unacknowledged aerobic freak


Was great last year and has improved again this year. His work ethic is enormous, has become a very important player for us. If he gets dropped for Joe to come in, I’ll be furious.


While I agree he is underrated. Revolt was a far far better contested mark. And all time great of the game. But fark I hate him as a comentator


Played an awesome game yesterday. I do however wonder if he has ever seen the inside of a gym?


Shoulder injuries early on would have prevented him from hitting the gym, now his playing style is more about mobility and covering the ground



Perfect conduit between defence and attack. Super reliable and being constantly on the move gives him a huge advantage on his opponent. Calmness and surety, other strong traits he brings to the team. He really should be first picked every week but fitting in the 3 talls could be problematic. At least won’t need to think about it for the next 2 months.


He’s got the Terry Daniher body type - and it was good enough for Terry.


Terrible shoulder injuries during his time at Geelong


Have they been a problem since he’s been with us?


No but probably working on the arms may cause issues


Fun fact, was actually a first round pick for the cats in 08 (pick 15) same draft as Hurls & Zaka.


One of the few blokes in the team that i feel calm when the balls in his hands.