#28 Mitch "Swingman" Brown - extended to 2019


My memory is he had 2 pins in his shoulder that poked out and caused repeated injuries. Those pins were finally removed and he’s been fine since.


People have banged on about that since we drafted him, but I honestly don’t recall him being outmuscled in a marking contest.

Will repeat what a said in the prematch, was fourth amongst key forwards in marks per game in 2018; behind Buddy, Hawkins and Tom McDonald. Underrated.


I dont understand why he doesnt put a ton of effort into bulking up

Surely that would help with contested marking?

Played very well on the weekend though


Yup. Problems been sorted. Bet he wouldn’t mind catching up with the sub par Surgeon that near ended his career for a *cough, … “few drinks” one night though.




JoeDan should earn his way back through the two’s as most other players would have to.


I was talking to a mate I sit with who was bagging him for “not being a key forward”. I told him that on that definition Scott Lucas wasn’t a key forward, and that wide-ranging, running CHFs had been doing pretty well for us since Terry Daniher.


I like Brown


I wanna see Daniher, McKernan and Brown play in the same forwardline at least once please football gods.


There’s still a place in the game for athletic talls without bulk who can run and lead all day, helps when you’re an excellent kick at goal, and you can’t put a small on him because he’ll beat them overhead


:joy: How things change.


Good bump hero.


C’mon KM. It’s pretty funny.


Chance to reply ‘yeh I was incorrect’


A modern day player with an 80s player build.

You need a Mitch Brown in the side who’s links between arcs and can kick goals.

Will be vital in any games on the MCG because he simply runs his opponents into the ground.

I think having Daniher and Stringer only helps his game further.


Not sure of his stats for accuracy, but he’s got a nice action and he’s kicked enough “good goals” to be confident he’s an excellent chance to slot it through. For his pre-match routine on Saturday he was kicking them through beautifully.


A lot of the time that’s true, but Scotty was more than capable of dropping deep and doing a lot of damage. (Which he did a lot, later in his career). He was a sensational contested mark, Brown’s only so-so IMO.


He’s very under-rated by all. Especially by me. Somehow I continue to rate him as borderline best-22. And yet (as I said in the game day thread) we always seem to look better organised when he’s in the team. One minute he’ll be taking grabs in the forward line, the next he’ll be stopping a goal in defence, then he’ll be acting as a link through the midfield.

He never seems to excel in any single position, and yet his versatility is useful. Perhaps it’s just that which is vital in allowing other players to do their roles better. In any case, I’m rapidly coming around to the idea that we are a better team with him in it.


I was big on his end of 2018.

I dropped off him after the first round, but was the whole team to be honest.

His numbers and kms make him a poor mans Nick Riewolt. His game against the lions was exceptional, if he can throw up games near that consistently he is going to be very difficult to stop.

How we fit all of Clarke, Belly, Daniher, McKernan and Brown in throughout the season will be interesting.


Great game, Mitch.