#28 Mitch "Swingman" Brown - extended to 2019



Lot on nuffs with not a lot of clue… Work rate on this bloke is something to behold hey?! Just huge, exactly what you need from your forwards in this era. Interesting to see what structure they go with once Joe is back, because Brown would be terrible stiff to miss out. Maybe Stringer plays further up the ground or Joe spends more time in the ruck?


There were some other gems. I think you called him a poor mans James Stewart? Apology pending.


He’s always been good. People just have short memories. Glad he’s getting some props for his great game though. He’s been copping it around here over the last couple of weeks.


He had a great game but it’s just one game.

He’s got to produce that consistently.

4 goals from three games is nothing to get carried away with just yet.


Haha, i expected that.


So you agree then.


Geez KM cops it every week :joy:


I’m getting used to it :joy:


You know i’ve always rated Brown. I’m just stirring because you did it to me with McKernan.


I know mate. I don’t take sh11t personally on here.

We all have our favourites.


Trying to think who a poor man’s James Stewart would be!

Henry Fonda perhaps.


It’s good times when they’re all performing.


Deservedly ■■■■■■■ so too.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Cary Grant


This guy is consistently in the top 2-3 kms covered per game. The work rate is immense. Solid in most areas of the game.

A player doing kms like Brown effectively makes the ground larger. Stretches the opposition defenders and creates space for other players. Tires the opposition out, meaning they are more vulnerable. Creates more pathways to exit defence, which is something we tend to struggle with.

He’s a more significant player than goals per week.


Shut up Noonan :fu:


You need to start using it strategically.

Go jump into the Orazio thread and give him a massive bake, will ya?


It took me 18 months of strategic posting to get Parish to finally perform.

We can’t wait that long for Fantasia


Listen to you. Killer Mike, The Player Whisperer.


Couldn’t agree more. He’s great when he gets out on the wing. Had 10 score involvements on Saturday so he’s moving the ball really well and making the right decisions.