#29 Jake Kelly

Kelly, goldy, lav, heppell, wright

He’s never dropping these guys. And you know it

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He’s so awful with ball in hand.
Absolutely no idea what to do with the footy, and it’s still a problem in defence.
Obviously, it’s amplified when he’s further up the ground.

He should only be played when he has a specific match up.
Ie. Rankine, Papley (?).
Again, I just believe a ‘horses for courses’ approach to selection is appropriate for Kelly.


The smothered kick that led to the Fogarty goal late in the 1st was so deflating. The whole thing happened in slow motion, you could see it would be smothered before ball hit boot.

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How can Brad literally be so dumb.


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Outmarked by Fogarty then durdin.

The 2 biggest Pip squeaks in the afl.

But watch Brad promote this guy to midfield next week coz he will try to keep him in the team in every which way he can.

Someone get a CT scan of brad’s brain please, it might save our season

Goldy was great tonight and Heppell absolutely deserves his spot.
Both those names do not strengthen your argument as they are both deserving of selection.

I didnt say they should be dropped, i said scott would never drop them. Perhaps i should have added “no matter how bad they play”

I agree goldy was pretty good last night


Goldy was great until 3 qtr time. Then TDK ripped him to pieces.

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What about when Kelly ran to the boundary line on his right side, but being the most one sided player around had to roll back onto his left into traffic coz he couldn’t use his right foot to kick it down the line. Players that one sided are a liability in the midfield.

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