#29 Patrick Ambrose -- has shot Blitz out of the cannon

Hartley is not just a spoiler anymore, he has taken a lot more marks this year.

True, he has, and that makes him far more valuable.

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I think Hurley plays smaller than those 2 so is a different beast…been playing off his man a lot filling in for Gleeson

Average 4.8 marks last year.
Average 4.3 marks this year.

lots more marks.


Huh? When he was injured last year many were saying he looked like becoming our #1 KP defender (from a stopping perspective).

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Bar Franklin beating him on one leg, I thought Ambrose was good (consistent) last year

Still I think he should play based on matchups now that Hooker may be switched to the backline full time

That Franklin performance does stick in your mind though.

I felt before the event that Ambrose on Franklin would be a solid match-up for us. Yep, I was wrong wrong wrong.

Would anyone have done better though, given the regularity and quality of ball streaming into the Sydney forward line in that 2nd qtr (when Buddy kicked 4) ?

Hartley and Brown…highly doubt it.

Hooker (if fit)…marginally, but all the clever ground ball goals I doubt Cale would get near.

Hurley…probably, but he is no where near the 2015 version that we could confidently put on Buddy and Roughy types, and know he wouldn’t get towelled up.
Now, he’d probably get burned by Membrey !

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Having Ambrose unavailable for Anzac Day probably allows Worsfold to play Hooker back again.

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Thought he was good in his first game back.


And someone asked why??

Mmph …

one of the few positives from today, and one of only a few players to bring the biff when we were being smashed all over the ground

Kudos to those who drafted him as a rookie and promoted him to the list.

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another scalp for the silent assassin

completely removes his opponents from the game


I wouldn’t call conceding five shots on goal a scalp. Did well to contain a monster but certainly didn’t beat him.


Reiwoldt next week - job done

Not a scalp, but Cameron is a fkn gun. He was ok. I didn’t expect him to beat him, but just lower his output, which I think he did. Played ok Ambrose.

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Defanitly limited Camerons influence that guy is unstoppable when he gets of the chain.

I think he is a good match up for Jack, obviously needs the midfield pressure to be up but I’m pretty confident with the match up.