#29 Patrick Ambrose -- has shot Blitz out of the cannon

Could he be a good match up for Caddy as well?

Yeah I think so, as would Dea.

Maybe no Jack next week, depends on how he scrubs up. He was knocked out in the first five minutes and didn’t come back on.

I thought he was ok. Not sure what happens to him when Hurley and Francis start getting games again.

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Neither Hurley nor Francis appear to be disciplined enough to sacrifice their games to play a pure lockdown role. That begs the question do we need a pure lockdown defender to win games ?
Hawkins kicked 3 goals in 10 minutes when he was let off the chain by Hooker.

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Good question, time will tell. The benefit of Ambrose is if an opposition key forward’s trying to outrun one our other backs they can always turn to Ambrose for a switch.

Thought he held Cameron well for the 3 of the 4 qtrs. Only in the 3rd did Cameron get a hold of him.

Took one really good mark backing back into a pack deep in defence

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No chance Ambrose gets dropped.

Mark Harvey would have his babies if he had half a chance.

Ambrose actually does a lot of nondescript things that don’t really get recognition and generally plays on the best forward. He’s doing well.


I wouldnt mind seeing Ambrose given the role of defensive forward - shut down role on Rance, similar to what Melksham did for the Dees.

Hurley and Hooker take Key backs

Stewart goes out he was poor last week, Ambrose Plays Deep on Rance

I’ve got an idea. How about we play our defenders as defenders, our forwards as forwards, and our midfielders as midfielders. And not shuffle ■■■■■ around just so we can find a spot for Hurley based on nothing more than his name is Hurley. He’s been putrid this season make him earn it.


Counterpoint: Mark Baguely


exception that proves my point…

Further Counterpoint: Ambrose started his AFL career as a forward.

Let’s be honest though he played one good half of footy as a forward,

PS: “the exception that proves the point” is one of the stupidest sayings going around. Any exception quite literally disproves the point


I guess im thinking whos their most dangerous player we can stop…is it Reiwoldt or Rance…
Rance would smash Stewart and MCKernan…thats why playing ambrose forward can limit Rances influence, and then Stringer/McKernan can have a better run at it.

The other guy is Dusty, but we never seem to have an answer for him, hopefully our midfield can keep up their team pressure and intensity of the last 2 weeks and make it hard work for Dusty.



Revisionist history

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its true

Thats probably true but he was playing a role that was 3-4 years ahead of its time. A “pressure forward”
When going up as a tall forward Joey outmarked Ambrose 99% of the time.