#29 Patrick Ambrose -- has shot Blitz out of the cannon

Strained calf, available again after the bye.

Straight swap this week, Hurley for Patty

He is fkn injury prone

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So is Hurley still injured or?

‘Should’ be good to go

He trained well. I’d say 6 weeks away!

How the saying is used, yes, doesn’t make sense. But some say what it is meant to mean is different: defining what applies as an exception may by set theory define the general rule. For example if you have a sign saying ‘no parking on Sundays’ that also defines the general rule that you can park Monday to Saturday.

I always took it to be a broader interpretation of what “proves” means. That is, just what you say: if there’s an exception then the rule is proved wrong.

strained calf?

thats an amputation

The original meaning of ‘prove’ is ‘test’.

Spanish word for ‘test’ is probar.

Only upside is Francis probably gets a run. Ambrose sounds bad.

Ambrose is a huge out for us.

Hurley needs to come in and play lock down defender, and Francis can come in and play the intercept player (probably for Ridley)

why does Francis have to come in? Ridley is doing perfectly fine

Francis has marking power that is better than Ambrose , Ridley or Hurls.
Hurley would be the ideal lockdown replacement for Ambrose, but its a role that requires a lot of self discipline. TBH Francis is better than Ridley at this point, but is Francis available for selection?

He is. But we also have to be cognisant of player management. Giving Ridley 3-4 games in his second season will do wonders for him. He has already signed a 2 year contract extension, so there are no issues for him leaving us.

Francis is almost ready to play AFL. He is a 3rd year player who needs to be given time in the senior team to show we have faith in him, and would want him to stay on beyond 2018. Francis at his best will demand a spot in the team, and someone has to make way for him.

I may be outraged that Hurley may be brought in and may aggravate a hamstring.

LOL… Francis has better marking power than Hurley. :rofl: …no, he doesn’t.

Everyone on our list has better marking power than Hurley.


Don’t get me wrong, Hurls is one of our best players, but for some reason he is taking chest marks when ever possible these days, just to illustrate this. Ambrose averages almost double the number of contested marks as Hurley in 2018

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Of course he does. Hurley doesn’t have a direct opponent most of the time. Its all down to Hurls change of roles. Put him back in a defensive, one on one mode and he’d return to the beast we knew. He hasn’t lost it, just because he’s playing the role asked of him and following team orders.

But to compare him to a VFL player that has achieved literally NIL is insulting.


In the 5 AFL games Francis played in 2016 and 2017 he averaged more contested marks than Hurley has in any year since 2012. Hurls has turned playing off his man into an art form, and tbh Francis is like a clone of Hurley in that respect, but he is better overhead imo. Can Hurls successfully return to a more accountable role ? If he can, both Francis and Hurls could play in the same defensive unit, otherwise they are so similar in style its hard to make a case for them both.