#29 Patrick Ambrose -- has shot Blitz out of the cannon

It’s interesting to note that Hurley didn’t start last year as the floating unaccountable loose man. He started in his regular role early on, but struggled against the likes of Michael Close.

By the time Taylor Walker ripped him apart, it was becoming obvious that he’d lost some touch in the one on one battles, and the number 1 job started going to Ambrose / Hartley.

I don’t reckon his inability to win a one-on-one contest is due to his role, I actually think it’s the other way around.

And as for him being a better mark than Francis… That’s just silly, even at his peak, contested marking was never his thing. His hands are too farked.


You should’ve stopped after this… 5 games? Seriously?

Francis hasn’t beaten anyone of note at AFL level. Let alone played a meaningful string of games in 1 season, let alone over many years as Hurls has. Sorry, there is no comparison. Francis has potential, but realised exactly none of it. I hope he does become the player we envision he could, but he is so far off it we should be comparing him to anybody, let alone calling him better than Michael Hurley, dual All Australian…

In reference to the “can they play together”, I think they can. We are obsessed with this back or forward thing…

T Daniher, back or forward?
M Harvey, back or forward?
Lucas, back or forward?
Hurley, back or forward?
Ambrose, back or forward?
Carlisle, back or forward?
Hooker, back or forward?
Hurley, Hooker and Francis can kick a goal. Give them half a quarter up forward, it’ll keep the opposition guessing and chasing us.

To me, yes we want a settled backline, but with injuries, one of Ambrose, Hurley, Francis etc are really all available. You also have rotations during the game.

They can play in the same side. Its fine, really. I think all defenders, whether in the rebounding / intercept role or not, need to be able to stop an opponent on any given day. If a forward is winning the battle with a particular defender, swap defenders. It happens all the time (and happened about a dozen times in a game I watched one day v Geelong in 93).

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Jeez, I wonder why we actually play young players. I can just see Hurls, Hooker, BJ all being handed walking frames so they can make it off the field in 2025, and then we won’t have to “gift” games to Guelfi, Francis, Clarke, Redman, and Mutch because they haven’t beaten anyone of note.

In comparing Francis to Hurls its simply to justify that he is ready to play at AFL level, not that he is already an AA player.

Your first paragraph is irrelevant to our debate here. I wasn’t saying anything about playing youngsters or other.

What I was saying is, Francis has not performed to a level that has had him ready to play AFL, even as a “young player” being given an opportunity. If he had, he would’ve played!

I was referring to your assessment of his marking abilities at AFL level based on 5 whole games, which I think is ridiculous. I think he should be played, by the way, and I think we should be playing all our youngsters that are showing something ahead of the older players who are not performing and not the future.

Benny, I am happy to rest my case, and maybe we can discuss again at the end of the season, after ( hopefully) Francis gets a block of games and we can see how they compare to resolve the dispute on the question of who is a better mark at this point in time.

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By that token you must believe Brent Harvey is 90 times the contested mark Aaron Francis is.

Hurley might as well be wearing these when he attempts to mark overhead

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Really. Francis in after 1 good game. And to replace another kid who has more than done his role.
I think people’s fantasies are running away with them a bit. Francis will get his turn, but I would be absolutely staggered it was this week.


We will miss him down back that’s for sure. Let’s hope Hurley has rediscovered his aggression and remembered how to defend

Francis was bog in the last game, and we need to replace a defender. However, Francis should only come in when all parties agree he is ready.

Nice selective quote.

Duty of care.

Call of duty.

Ambrose will hardly be missed, as we’ve barely had him in the team the last two years. His durability is a massive issue

Why are we having a tanty of whether francis is a better mark than hurley or not?

a ■■■■■■■ trampoline is a better mark than hurley.


Out again. He’s not very durable for a robot.

You leave ol’ trampoline hands alone.

Blitz agrees, that’s enough

Totally sacrificed his calf muscle to stop cameron and help us get to 4 & 6
Probably cost him 3 to 4 games extra. Fortunately we have lots of defenders who can come in for other games.

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So he’s out for 6 weeks then?

Hammy, done for the day. Possibly the most injury prone player on the list

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