#29 Patrick Ambrose -- has shot Blitz out of the cannon



always getting injured this bloke

Should have picked Dea

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■■■■ happens.

Myers says hi WOB :grimacing:

He shouldn’t have been in the side, but that had nothing to do with the injury. But if he wasn’t contacted for 2019 I’d be delisting him. You can’t build a side on players who can’t stay on the park.


He’s an athlete and not a very quick one at that and isn’t much of a footballer either IMO.

Would rather see Dea/Ridley/Redman/Frang/Zerk in for him instead.

I just don’t see his value the same as others.

Thought the defensive structure was better AFTER he went off injured TBH.

I’d play Dea and use Ambrose as his back up myself.

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Stephenson ripped his hammy. Pace is a big concern

Still think Ambrose was the right choice over Dea.

Is a far better runner which would have been important given Pies team and also going to be much more effective coming in to help on the long balls to Cox.

Sucks that he did his hammy as it hurt us rotations wise. Can’t take a trick with injury.

I use to make this argument with Davey, who in my mind was best 22 when fit. You just can’t keep players in the squad who cannot be relied on to stay fit most years. Exceptions can be made for true talents, or youngsters building a body. But past a certain point it just kills the team and your depth.

Ambrose is a decent to good player when on the park and with a run. But he’s getting injured again and again. That doesn’t work either with the main team or being depth.

It might be different if we had no other options. But medium to tall defenders is our deepest part of the list.

But he’s contracted for 2019 so it’s a moot point right now.

Not defensive ones like him.

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Hooker and Hartley are taller and do the defensive job. Dea is smaller and does. Francis and Hurley possibly can.

It’s not an area of weakness.

Hooker does, but he takes the beasts. Hartley isn’t up to it for mine. Dea does. Hurley doesn’t, and Francis doesn’t. It’s not an area of weakness, but neither is it an area of strength. For mine, Ambrose stay until Zerk is ready. So probably another two years.

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Well, he’s staying another year regardless. I also want it clear that if it wasn’t for his injury history I’d be happy to have him on the list.

When we need a tagger he is it. I just wish he would use his skills in that dept more often.

I was coming I here expecting to see discussion about how we win if Ambrose stays on the park, and I get a bunch of “delist” comments. Unbelievable. Would have been perfect to shut out DeGoey in the last.


We missed him so much in the second half. I agree. We would have won if he didn’t get injured.

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I thought he was a better match up for de Goey, rather than Stephenson, how he ended up chasing Stephenson and twanging his hammy might be more to do with “zone defence”. I will check the replay. DeGoey did much more damage than Stephenson, mostly in the last, and mostly due to Pendles getting off the leash.

The bloke is becoming injury prone cant afford to have players on the list who continually get injured.