#29 Patrick Ambrose -- has shot Blitz out of the cannon


Shhhhhh! I wanted to see that from BSD.


:call_me_hand: you guys be stressed… I’m
backing woosha :call_me_hand: just sit back… relax :+1:


Well, Ive been over it more than once before, and seriously cbf repeating myself over and over again like some on here.

I truly do abide by the David Byrne ellicited philosophy, …

“Say something once, …? Why say it again?”

And you’ve been around here a fair while,… so, …??

Personally, I’ve found there are distinctly 2 types of people to converse on Aus Rules with, … those that have played the game a lot and then maybe at some senoir level, or have Coached, and / or both, … and those that haven’t.

Also, I have long ago decided that I’m happy to read and or back and forth with the former anytime, but those in the latter catergory, only in person.

Life is way too short. :+1:

Edit; Paddy has all the qualities any Coach would wish every player on his team to have, and will only improve, … be integral to the unit, but nevr be a star, and will be in the side if fit, unless there is a very specific reason to be left out,… I don’t know what else to say.

At any level other than AFL, or even in AFL 20 years ago, he’s in every week if fit regardless,


total non-answer.


Well that makes you sound like a pretentious wanker. I no longer have any need to discuss football with you because I’m certainly not in the former category. And I’m guessing you probably don’t need to snip away at a lot of the other posters because they’d be in the same boat. Although I reckon there’d be a high footy IQ amongst some of the people here even without actual experience.


All good then, :+1:

Also. I was right, you have benn here for ages, 12 years coming up,. . so maybe read some threads, …


Unfortunately I do read a lot of them. I usually gave you the benefit of the doubt. Disappointingly I stand by my most recent judgement. I’m not sure why you have a superiority complex. But it is certainly there.

Anyway I’ll give my Ambrose assessment.

Strengths: Sticks like glue. Hard as a cat’s head and can run. Disposal doesn’t stand out as a weakness.

Weaknesses: 1 dimensional. Marking not a strength. Disposal not creative. Struggles to play taller AND smaller than he is. As much as it hurts me to say it, if I wanted him to play like someone, Dylan Grimes would be it.


Feel free mate. You are not the first, and are unlikely to be the last I cease to read or respond to. Like I say, life is just too short to live your life on some internet forum and argue back and forth with every nuffy or teenager that cares to try to lift their self-esteem on them with sideline snark, or endless challenging of the more experienced.

Appreciate your assessment. You may well have answered your own question.

If people don’t see what Paddy brings, there’s really no way to make them see IME.

Some know and do, some don’t and do not.


I love Ambrose and I was hopeless at footy. Most of my footy knowledge comes from Blitz :smile:


Ambrose is essential to our backline: Hurley breathes easier when he’s around.


Can’t argue with that.


A number of teams pick a tall lockdown player. You know, the Talias, Frawleys, Grimes etc.
If every club had enough players like Rance who could lockdown and hurt opposition the other way they
would pick them and leave out the dour lockdown tall.

Unfortunately our 2 best tall defenders are getting older, slowing down and will be gone within 3 years. we only have just enough young tall defenders coming through to replace them, so I don’t see us being in a position to be able to replace Ambrose with a better defender just yet.




No he’s not. He wouldn’t be playing if hooker was fit. He’s a depth player




Talia’s a genuine full back, and one of the best.


@Killer_Mike looks like Alex stole your line; might want to think about trademarking it :wink:


Alex is cooked


Interesting. How do you play Ambrose, Hurley, Francis and hooker in the same backline?

I’m no coach, or player, but I reckon its pretty clear that setup will never, ever work. And I’d be amazed if anyone thought you could play all 4 in the one backline.


it would’ve worked in the 80s. when footy was played by real men.