#29 Patrick Ambrose -- has shot Blitz out of the cannon


I get the feeling that if there were no injuries then Patrick might miss out on being selected, however history shows there’s always someone out from injury or suspension who causes the need for things to be re-shuffled and Ambrose gets a gig.

Since being drafted at the end of 2013, he’s played 16,16,18,10 & 7 senior games for the club and only 4 games in the VFL (seems low but that’s what the stats tell me).

He’s a no nonsense defender and adds hardness and consistency to our backline.

I know blitz likes to pick defenders based on their ability to attack but that’s not how the coaches see it.




Last in, first out ?


Dea was doing a fair bit of running this morning.


where’s the training report?


Not much happened, mate.
Saad, Ham, Guelf, & Clarke did a few ground ball & clearance drills for about 45 mins, as Stringer, Gown, Zerk & Mutch did marking/spoiling with Harvs. Dea ran laps. A lot of the others were around, inside.


Are we saying Francis is too tall (193cm), or too slow, to replace Goddard (193cm)?


BJ is 191, no?
Not that it makes much of a difference.
And what am I doing arguing with HAP ffs lol


Both listed at 193 on footywire, which generally keeps track of guys, rather than continuing with using the height from when they were drafted (which was 189cm Goddard and 191 Francis).

That’s semantics though - I’m intrigued as to what matchup/situation Goddard could cope with that Francis couldn’t?

Stuffed if I can think of one.
Francis is far more athletic, and far more agile than late-career Goddard.
Gleeson, yes, gives a very different athletic profile. But he wasn’t there last year, and won’t be there early this year.

EDIT and I’m not just arguing here. It’s a genuine question. I think Francis in for Goddard makes us better balanced, not worse.


I agree. Experience is the only difference I see from Elder Goddard. Both have laser passes, take the difficult shot, are good marks, fluff a few.


BJ had a massive tank, but poor acceleration. Francis has great acceleration but a relatively poor tank at this point. The lack of agility and speed off the mark and increasing lack of awarens were BJs main problem in the end.


Yep, good point. I missed that.


Hah. On the radio, Riewoldt put it to Hepp that Francis cost BJ his spot on the list. Hepp avoided the question and laughed. I reckon its pretty much correct.


I agree. I’d say the main advantage with Goddard was the leadership. Francis will pick it up in time.


Ambrose is pretty damn good at stopping his opponents kicking goals. That’s a good trait for a defender, I’d have thought. His 2016 season was, to be frank, extraordinary, and I think gets a bit forgotten because of more recent perception on what he can’t do rather than what he did do.

Whether that’s enough then depends on the setups and gamestyle around him. Hurls clearly has license to play off his man and get plenty of rebounding ball. Patty would probably need someone else to push back and be the ‘outlet’ player instead. Do we as a side have the desire to run hard in defence?

Is he in my best 22 at full strength? Probably not. But I’d be constantly wondering if I should be looking at ways to make use of a bloke who rarely gets outmarked even if he’s not marking it himself.

Patty isn’t a problem in terms of personnel. He’d be invaluable to sides that aren’t trying to implement rapid slingshot play from deep inside defensive 50. He should also be more useful to us with our alleged focus on a more defensive setup. Which we have seen little evidence of so far.


I saw Francis organising the defence from very early in his time in the Essendon VFL circa 2016.
As we know he reads the play well, Thats why he is such a good intercept marker. But that also means he can do the “General” thing.


I have heard people say that about him. Definitely the sort of player you want directing traffic.


Great tank, disciplined. However, not exceptionally tall or agile. Gives away cms to KPFs and can’t keep up with the smaller guys etc. Isn’t it great mark or kick… not sure a great attitude and tank might is enough for the AFL.




Is Francis’s finger as long as Goddard’s though?