#29 Patrick Ambrose -- has shot Blitz out of the cannon


I’m not sure it’s the length that matters so much as a good sense of direction, …


Keep telling yourself that, pal


I don’t get the point.


General Francis on the march.


Jokes like this keep popping up in the digital age…


What’s your point?




Do you reckon that a ‘sir’ would sound very appropriate before Patrick’s name?
I do.


Well, let’s just say, as long as his replacement knuckles down we’ll be fine.


Just cleared those 218 unread posts in 1 minute, does nothing for me


Nailed it.


A hand for ‘Boot please


Wasn’t the worst yesterday as you would have expected Cameron to kick a bag if the giants were to win by 12 goals but patty made some howling errros. Dropped an uncontested mark which then results in a GWS goal. May get suspended but would drop him anyway for BZT


Put a bloke in hospital with a fair bump. Only genuine impact we had for the day.


He is also hard at the pill which is a farking sight more than we can say for a lot of our other pretenders!


Yeah Paddy was what I expected/hoped from Essendon in round 1 - rough skills but high intensity. Basically him and Stringer the only ones who showed any heart for mine. Maybe Saad.


Punctured Perryman’s lung in that hit, tough mother.


The report says he has no fractured ribs.
Apart from like a knife wound I didn’t even know that was possible (punctured lung, intact ribs).


Don’t know why we keep giving this bloke games.


Ambrose is the tagger we have been looking for. Put him on the big bulls like Cripps, Bont etc. he has endurance and size.