#29 Patrick Ambrose -- has shot Blitz out of the cannon


Hes also got no agility, speed, turning circle or awareness. He would be terrible at it


Jesus wept tears of blood ! Paddy Ambrose is just back from an LTI — give him a break. He was best 22 before his injury. He is highly competitive, works his erse off, and is hard as nails — he’s not one of the middle-class mummy’s boys afraid of physical contact, of whom we have far too many at Essington.

He’s been asked too often to play KPD, which means he’s giving away a height advantage in this day of well-fed giant KPFs. Paddy is an ideal third tall defender, not a KPD, and flourishes in that role. The selectors should play him at HBF (or BP) alongside Zerk.


Would prefer Dea.


I think you might mean Zerk or Hartley? Dea CANNOT go with key forwards. He’s barely 6’1


No good.

Once Hooker is fit and Zerk gets a body…see ya Paddy

Nice guy though


Uh huh, Sure.


Depending on their monster factor, Gleeson actually was a very good third tall in 2017 (ie when he last played a full season), other than one moment in the last quarter against the Swans (when Rohan picked him up an put Gleek behind him).


Puts his body on the line at least… If we lack intensity and effort, not sure we can drop lungbuster


Was not our worst by a long way. Looked like he actually gave a ■■■■, did a few good things whilst looking rusty. His dropped mark was about 1 minute after the rain started so I’ll excuse it in that case.
Would not be the first guy I dropped out of that backline.


The alternative is Hartley !
Is that what you want ?..nah, didn’t think so.

Zerk will get his chance soon enough, but not yet.


The alternative to Ambrose is NOT Hartley — they perform different functions. I’d have Hartley, Ambrose and Zerk all in the backline, the other three being Saad, Dea and McKenna. (See my post #164 in the “Round 2 vs St Kilda” thread.)

EDIT: I’d start Francis on the bench, so that he can be used where needed — he’s a lot more versatile than just a defender.


that’s not even funny to joke about


Cameron kicked four goals from six scoring shots. If that’s a pass mark we’re in a whole lot of trouble.


Yes we were in a whole lot of trouble on the weekend, pretty sure that was already an agreed upon fact.


Yes but all goals kicked are the fault of only the defenders and in particular the players on the kickers of many goals.

It’s all exclusively on them,… no one else is culpuble.

Ignorance is Blitz.


I can remember three or four goals and my old man was cursing the defender. Nothing you can do as a defender to a lace out pass from a midfielder under no pressure, and no one playing the zone to block space.
Look at our entries, under pressure mostly, rushed kicks and constantly had the ruck or another player Manning the space where the forwards lead. There was always a two on one in GWS favour, our fwd line had zero chance. GWS were never under that sort of pressure the whole game. Responsibility doesn’t sit squarely on the defenders shoulders.
Francis and Ambrose I didn’t feel did too bad in defender at all. It went completely to ■■■■ when Zaha went back.


I’m not sure, I guess you’re tongue in cheek.
We know the midfield forgot about applying defensive pressure. It made it a damn sight harder for Ambrose and all the other defenders.
I think Ambrose had credits in the bank for doing jobs on J Riewoldt and others years back. But I’m not sure he has many left.


Our mids were having a rest on the hill while their opponents had enough time to roll and smoke a durry let alone look where Cameron and Co were leading. They were pretty much on a hiding to nothing ffs.


With Hooker, Daniher, Gleeson, Dea and Stewart out he gets a game. He is big enough and has the aerobic ability to go with a number of different forwards. He wasn’t even that bad considering how much GWS dominated. He is limited sure, but he makes next weeks side every day of the week for mine.


Blitz credits, … or Real factual credits??

(Blitz credits = Klulesscoin)

I can assure you he has more than enough real ones. :+1: