#29 Patrick Ambrose -- has shot Blitz out of the cannon


Ok fair enough you say Ambrose has more than enough credits.
I think he’s running low.
And very soon - maybe this week - Zerk will go past him.


More or less credits than the midfielders who had their pants pulled down then got a spanking?


Is this the Patty Ambrose thread or the Heppell/Merrett/Shiel/Langford/Smith/McGrath/
Myers thread?


If zerk is a replacement for Ambrose this week it’s the wrong change and I really want BZerk in the team.


If we get to Rd.8 and we’re 2 - 6 again, then fine bring Zerk in, just not right now.
Actually, I don’t believe he should play until Hooksey is in that backline.
Could you imagine the poor kid debuting in that backline at the moment ?..fark


Are we a little conservative with our kids at times?


Good idea, except Woosha isn’t into taggers. I’ve been saying FOR A LONG TIME HE BE PERFECT.


Yer probably.
Just what I saw at a VFL game last year was a really skinny kid, though a very tall one (as tall as Harts).

Granted, he’s probably put on some beef in the off season.
There is definitely a player there.


Yes, but i see what @bltn is saying. i dont have confidence in Hurleys leadership to hold a nervous first gamer together in front of a 35,000+ crowd. Hooker is a far more effective leader.


I think the argument is more that Zerk might actually help Hurley, rather than the other way around.


By taking jobs that Hurley is now ill-equiped to take on ?


Pretty much.

It’s what Hartley did in 2017. It got Hurely another AA nod too.


Well you’re saying Ambrose should be/will be dropped because he’s running out of credits due to poor performances.
By the same token you should believe that our midfielders, who were far worse on the weekend, are beginning to run out of credits.


Yes and yes.

I think with all our players it’s whether they can perform on the big stage. Sunday was a big stage occasion. The final against Sydney was another big stage occasion. Anzac Day last year etc etc


Conceding 4 goals to player who is in the top ten key forwards in the competition in a 72 point loss is not good, but not a disgrace.

On the weekend I was amazed to see a 20 year old player easily push Hurls out of a marking contest,
especially after we were told Rutten was working with KPDs to improve skills in one on ones. We really only had 2 defenders that put heavy physical pressure on opposition forwards; Ambrose and Francis. The rest were just brushed aside.

In the new age of forward pressure,the opposition forwards are all being asked to put massive physical pressure on defenders: they don’t tend to concede, run away and flood back as soon as they lose possession anymore if they are anywhere near an opposition defender.

We don’t have enough defenders who can stand up to this and dish it out and our only hope of doing well is for the midfield to reduce the number of I50s against substantially, absolutely minimise our defensive half turnovers and improve our defensive structure or at least give them time to reset after rebounding.

For the above reason, I would try Ambrose before Hartley, Redman before either Gleeson or Ridley but in the end we do have to have the best balance of physicality, winning one on ones, intercept marking and rebounding and it will be some time before we get that mix optimised.


I have been critical, but he was really good today imo. I was impressed in a team full of non efforts


Can hold his head up high


He is the no frills defender - does his job - actually turns up and plays every week. Stood up a few times when the Aints were getting rough.


Was very solid today.


Taking marks over his head like they were going out of fashion.