#29 Patrick Ambrose -- has shot Blitz out of the cannon


Yep, thought he had a pretty good game. Took a few going back with the flight. Some really good spoils too


I am sorry but this guy can never play AFL again.

He is useless at every aspect of the game of football other than running.


He’s been ok defending.
That turnover was U10s stuff though (almost as bad as Saad’s missed bounce).


Is great as long as he doesn’t have to get rid of the ball…


Yeah, he may be hard, great endurance and win the odd 1v1. But he’s no good. He’s a VFL player

Hooker for him next week is the most obvious change in the history of our changes


Nah he’ll stay in for Francis who I reckon has done a hip flexor or adductor from watching him run and then come off for treatment.


Hope Hartley plays a cracker tomorrow


Hipwood hasn’t got near it today.

Well done Ambrose.


Also smashed him after that McGrath tackle.


He has followed him everywhere he’s goes and has been roughing him up whenever he gets a chance.


He hasn’t had a goal kicked on him since round 1.

He’s arguably in AA form.


He is underrated on here.

He doesn’t show up in tv much so most think he’s done nothing.

His opponent doesn’t show up either.


He may not be great with ball in hand but he’s a genuine stopper and sometimes you need someone who can just nullify a dangerous opponent. We can afford to have a stopper when you’ve got weapons around him like Ridely, McKenna, Saad, Francis (when in) ect who have attacking flair and poise


Take a bow @BLOODSTAINED_DEVILS was baking him when no one else was. Been playing great this season.



He’s a cracker.


1 vote for repeating the brad hill tackle on hip wood in the same spot. Another 1 for the follow up on hipwood after McGrath tackle.


Not pretty, but effective.

Tough, hard as nails defender.


I think he will be suspended for the high shot on Hipwood.


Quite possible


What about hipwood for the studs in the face of myers?