#29 Patrick Ambrose -- has shot Blitz out of the cannon


Much-maligned player. Has been given some big assignments & has passed every test with aplomb. Great stuff, Paddy.


Exactly the sort of defender you need.

Hard as nails.

Plays the percentages.


AND he flies the flag when required.


Looked like he wanted to go back for Rd 2 after Myers went down.

(Think both Ambrose and Hipwood both no case to answer)


BBrown next week?


AND when he takes a key opposition forward out of the game the contribution that makes to the other players in the backline.


That was the best game he has played for the club. Supreme in every way


Brilliant game, I’ve always been a fan and watched him closely today. Time and time again he shut down contests that were looking like trouble for us. The time Hipwood? looked to be taking a comfortable chest mark and Ambrose somehow got a spoil in was a ripper.


He’s done better jobs on better players. People just have short memories and his injuries haven’t enabled him to be at his best the last few seasons.


I don’t know why but I burst out laughing when he went for the spear. Best laugh since NLM took on both Carr brothers at once.


Get nasty on one of our little guys, … you don’t just get Ambrosed,

… you get fkn Flying Ambrosed!! :laughing:

Cop that Boof head.


Then he got stuck into him when Hipwood missed his shot on goal. I love it!


It wasn’t just the defensive job he did. But how he used the ball when he got it, and he did some great work in pack situations on the boundary multiple times


Just finished the replay and watched his work on Hippie closely.

It was already clear before this he really doesn’t like the guy, all he needed was the excuse.




Can this be the banner on EFC.com.au, let’s break 100k members and give Ambrose life membership now

Up there with Marc Murphy gif.


One more time because this is what will happen if you try and bully any of our list big or small.




Haha haha that gif is hilarious. Surely you don’t get a week for that.


Ripping game from our best pure defender. He is a beast and if he can stay fit won’t lose his spot all year. I love him.


Has been great in each of our 4 games, esp GWS and Saints when the chips were down.
Guy is an animal and brings out the best in Hurley and Hooker.
Awesome again against Brisbane, loved him getting into Hipwood.
Love his aggression, does not go down to VFL.