#29 Patrick Ambrose -- has shot Blitz out of the cannon

I want to see a full destroyation of Brown next round.

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Watching parts of last night’s game, Brown seemed to be roaming outside the F50 more than usual.
I would be comfortable with this next week if Ambrose plays on him.
Closer to goal one out, I’d be concerned with Brown’s reach.
Hurley and Hooker will provide assistance though !

I can just see the MRP/AFL giving that AFLW excuse of a player a free pass for his obvious sling tackle on McGrath (how that wasn’t even given a free and they had paid a beauty of a tackle from Redman moments earlier as a “dangerous tackle” when it was nothing of the sort) and then giving Ambrose and Redman a week or so for their tackles.

Just you watch.


No, really. In this day and age your chosen denigration is to compare him to womens sport?


I’m outraged.

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It’s not a glamorous but he’s been great. The people on here that can him aren’t watching closely enough. I hope he lines up on DeGoey on ANZAC day.




Yep, I think he will get first crack at degoey.

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North play a small forwardline with Brown, Wood and Ziebel; assuming we make no changes I’d send Hooker to Brown, Ambrose to Ziebel and Hurley to Wood.

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On Hamish’s show, Phil Davis said, the role of the tagger is back.
If we are going to have one Ambrose is the man.

Even tho’ Woosha doesn’t believe in tagging, like tanking it doesn’t exist bit if it were to exist Ambrose is still the man.

Do you ever say anything that isn’t moronic? That’s a real dinosaur comment

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Ambrose doesn’t have the nous required to play midfield, nor does he have the agility to either.

If we want a tagger it’ll come from either McGrath or Guelfi depending on what type they are tagging and what type of tag we would run with.

He’s in the best form of his career, why would we change his role.


Came in here to praise our new defensive overlord (who apparently now has tagging skills).

Let that GIF reside with the Myers ‘f*** you, AFL’ one.

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4 games 4 scalps.

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O.k. Guelfi might just be the man. Or could learn to be he has all the attributes.

I’ve been massively harsh on this guy. Hand up. He’s proving me wrong bigtime

Best game i have seen him play. I’m not 100% convinced, but I’m pretty close


Reminded me of so many Fletcher lunges

He got 7 touches I think.

His job is not to “get touches,” but to stop his direct opponent from getting any — which he does superbly.

Paddy Ambrose is easily Best 22 — and always has been.